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Paris Bardo

I am the owner and creator of Oasis Window Cleaners. We pride ourselves on being one of the best in the business and always get the job done right for our customers.

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Oasis Window Cleaners

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06/25/2016 01:04pm
How I Started A Window Cleaning Business

I first got into this business when the economy was bad and I couldn’t find a job. I would call every place couldn’t find anything.
Without many options, I tried getting into a few different cleaning services to see if I could make a business out of it.
A friend at the time was struggling with his carpet cleaning business, so we partnered up and I began selling carpet cleaning services door to door to help him. He would take me on the jobs with him sometimes and I learned as much as I could about cleaning carpet. Eventually, we both decided we wanted to do other things. That’s when I tried window cleaning.

I was dabbling with a few different cleaning services at the beginning. It started with carpet cleaning, then window cleaning, then a full janitorial service my first year in business. Window cleaning was most enjoyable at the time and still is so after a year or so into it, I quit focusing my time on everything but windows. I enjoy being outside and the freedom of it all, traveling from business to business most days seeing every city end to end.

My skill set and motivation as an entrepreneur at heart led me into this business. Before Oasis Window Cleaning I was a door 2 door sales person for four years. D2D sales people have to deal with more rejection than anyone on a daily basis. By the time Oasis was started I was put through a tidal wave of rejection on a daily basis.
Getting doors slammed in my face and getting yelled at all while giving a big smile with a lot of enthusiasm. That positive attitude carried me through any bad sales days I had building this business up. Every day I would walk into store fronts to try and get their business and would follow up with all of them. If there was a business with windows in an area I would be working, I would be going into it. To me, it didn’t matter what it was, if it had windows, I wanted their business.

Over time I began taking on bigger and bigger buildings with experience. I began hiring staff as it became too much to do alone. Every so often I have a customer ask me if I can do something that I don’t currently provide as a service. Because of that, I research and practice new services when asked these things and I expand my expertise. I offer hard water removal, construction clean ups, chandelier cleaning, screen cleaning, screen replacement, screen patching, gutter cleaning, down spout cleaning, and most recently dirt/water repellant coatings for any glass surface. Oasis will continue to expand in more services in years to come.
Paris invites you to visit his site here and see for yourself.


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