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Jackie Siminitus

California School Library Association, VP-Communications and Web 2.0 Project Manager

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California School Library Association

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02/23/2011 01:08am
Illustrators Galore @ the LIBRARY STORE

Illustrators Galore @ the LIBRARY STORE
By Jackie Siminitus, VP- Communications
California School Library Association

The American economy is crippling our schools and libraries in many ways. School library programs have been the target of budget hits in large part because parents and school officials are not aware of the changing role of the library in the digital age. These days, school librarians teach cyber safety and digital literacy, in addition to the academic research process. These skills are essential for success in college, careers, and life. Public librarians offer access to computers and wifi for all the mobile Internet devices. In tough economic times, public libraries are especially popular for job-seekers.

In California, a number of notable children’s book illustrators have generously drawn upon their talents to support libraries through a LIBRARY STORE offered by the California Campaign for Strong School Libraries. Aliki, Caroline Arnold, Joe Cepeda, Marla Frazee, Kazu Kibuishi, Brian Selznick, David Shannon, and Marianne Wallace created illustrations for the cause. Shoppers can view the images and support school libraries when they visit the Campaign’s LIBRARY STORE. There are three message options with most images:

1- Read. Think. Grow.
2- Strong Libraries Build Lifelong Learners
3- Strong School Libraries Build Strong Students and Lifelong Learners

The illustrations and accompanying messages come at just the right time for parent groups, book clubs, literacy leaders, and book lovers of all ages to buy T-shirts, mugs, note cards and more as they advocate for libraries. Shirts come in all colors, shapes and sizes. New items are added weekly. Take a tour of the LIBRARY STORE. We hope that when shoppers find fun items, they will send a tweet to their friends and family.

The Campaign is a public awareness program aimed at publicizing today’s role of school libraries and
shining a spotlight on the new Model School Library Standards approved by the California State Board of
Education last fall. The standards include two parts: 1) Standards for Students that delineate what students
should know and be able to do at each grade level or grade span to enable students to succeed in school,
higher education and the workforce, and; 2) base-level staffing, resources and infrastructure, including
technology, required for effective school library programs for students.

Connie Williams, Chair of the California Campaign for Strong School Libraries, praised the artists and school library “Best Seller” Patrick Nelson, CEO of California-based bookseller Mrs. Nelson’s Toy & Book Shop. He used his vast network of contacts with authors and illustrators to facilitate the arrangement with the California School Library Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that oversees the Campaign. For more information about the Campaign or the LIBRARY STORE, contact me or Connie Williams at info@csla.net.

http://www.csla.net/pub/pdf/10goodideas.pdf -page 3


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