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Diana Fischer

A passionate writer, whose life purpose is to help and heal others from the inside out. My writings include healing from grief, building confidence and obtaining your highest self. Helping individuals to recognize their path and walk it with a divine perspective of awakened consciousness.

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Making Life All Better

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11/07/2016 12:57pm
The Hard Lessons

The hard lessons in life are the ones what mold us into stronger individuals. Although they are hard to learn, there is a larger, better message in them. Holding on to those emotions can be damaging, which can hurt physically and mentally. Mentally we cannot see the big picture which we will not grow from this hurtful lesson, thus a wasted opportunity. But if we would take this opportunity and mold it into our being and walk through it, knowing we will survive. That’s when something new grows from the ashes, this will be a new journey, our new beginning.


emotions, lessons, hope, motivation , new
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