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Jerica Glasper

Jerica Glasper is the Founder and CEO of The Media Mogul PR Company. A boutique PR and Media Consulting firm for solo women entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers and other service-based professionals. Her clients have been featured by their local TV station, in print newspaper, podcasts and ...

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11/09/2016 09:58am
7 Little Changes That’ll Make A Huge Difference In Your Online Presence And Make You A Sought-Afte

Small business owners are finding it more crucial than ever before to establish a powerful online presence that demonstrates their expertise, attracts engaged “brand fans”, gets highly-targeted leads and increases the percentage of sales that come from their digital marketing efforts.
Here’s 7 little changes you can make in your business today that will greatly increase your online presence, noteworthiness, credibility, sales and overall success.

1. Your Personal Brand Authority is KEY to Customer Connection

Your personal brand authority is how you appear to the prospects and customers you are trying to reach. In the ever-evolving online world, perception is reality in the mind of your ideal audience.
Authority doesn’t mean being some egotistic ruler in the marketplace. Authority in terms of personal branding means presenting your expertise, abilities, and 3rd party recognition in a way that expresses your leadership and authenticity, without you blatantly having to shout it from your advertising.
Establishing yourself as the expert should be one of the top strategies you focus on when marketing yourself online.

2. Teach First, Connect Second, and Sell Last

If you want to become a leader and expert in your space online, you should never focus on selling to your audience first.
People are jaded from all the “Buy! Buy!” marketing tactics and will tune out your messages, even if you do have a valuable offering that could solve their problems.
Instead, if you want to build a powerful online presence that draws your ideal audience to you, teach them something valuable first. Then connect with them on a human level through story-telling, sharing your brand’s values, or worthy causes you’re connected to.
TIP: Everyone loves a good story. When you use story-telling in your marketing, it lowers the reader’s B.S. radar. This is because you are being transparent and connecting on a human level in a way that builds your know, like, and trust factor.

Practice the Law of Reciprocity in your business. Give to get.

Once you’ve shown your audience how much you care and are willing to share your knowledge and resources with them, they will be more receptive when you do make an offer for your services.
They are also more likely to share your content online, refer others to you, and become life-long raving fans of your business.

3. Automate Your Online Engagement

Did you know that the average American uses their mobile phone to check their social media and the internet a staggering 17 times a day!
How much time do you spend a day or a week on social media trying to build online engagement? As a business owner, time is money! You can waste a lot of precious time on social media if you don’t have a clear strategy or compelling content.The simplest way to save tons of valuable time is to schedule your future social media posts across multiple platforms. One and done.
Try using Hootesuite. Buffer, or Edgar to name a few. (I personally used Hootesuite and love it!)
TIP: Find 10 influential blogs in your niche that you can share content from. Then repost the content on your various social media platforms.

4. Increase Your Reach Through PR and Media Placement:

More Media = More Exposure

A well-crafted news release that’s distributed across hundreds of news outlets with millions of daily views will boost your brand awareness. This will not only further establish you as an expert in your field and get you massive media mentions within weeks, but will drive tons of free traffic to your website.
Work with a PR/Media Strategist to help you craft the perfect media pitch or write your expert positioning article. The results will be astounding to your business!
You can even use the logos of the news outlets you’ve been seen on.
Now you can add an “As Seen On” banner to your website and all of your marketing materials.
How do you think your potential clients will feel about doing business with you once they see all of those major media logos?


5. Use High-Touch Points To Build Brand Awareness

According to recent studies, a person must interact with your brand at least 8 times before they’ll even consider buying from you.
What that means to you is that you must carefully consider where you are seen online, how often you are putting out valuable content, how often you email your list, and how often you are seen in places where your prospective clients “hang out” online.
TIP: Try posting on Facebook at least 1-2 times per day, on Twitter at least 5-8 times per day, LinkedIn in 1-2 times per day and email your list 2-3 times per week consistently.

6. Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page with a Freebie

As a small business owner, you should always be focused on building your email list of people who’ve expressed interest in your brand.
It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you should have an automated process to capture names and emails.
One of the most powerful ways to build a highly-target list of leads is to send people to a landing page with a valuable freebie they must opt-in to receive.
Make the freebie something that will help them solve one of their biggest pain points.
Then, you can then further connect with them in their personal email to create long-term relationships and sales.

7. Track Your Stats Weekly, Then Tweak Your Strategies

As Jay-Z says, “Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t.”

Finally, you’ll need to have a system for tracking your weekly stats. As you focus on building your online omnipresence and attracting more clients virtually, there are some important metrics you should follow:
This includes:

how many new leads you added to your email list
how many new friends, followers, and connections you’ve made
which of your content topics have the most engagement
how many website views you got this week (can also be tracked monthly)
how many people you were able to have one-on-one sales conversations
what’s working and what’s not working (do MORE of what’s working)
how you can improve your business growth next week

If you find that something isn’t working for you after trying it out for a consistent amount of time, then don’t be afraid to tweak your approach or scratch it altogether.

In conclusion...

When you use these 7 strategies, you will start to see your business’ online presence skyrocket, you’ll attract more pre-sold prospects and your sales will soar.
If all this seems too complicated and you could benefit from personal coaching and accountability, then you should seek the mentorship of a business marketing expert who can help you master your online omnipresence.
It’s time to stretch yourself to grow your business!
What are your biggest takeaways from these tips? What strategies do you plan on implementing in your business? Share with us in the comment section below!
P.S. If you’re wondering how your business’ online presence and client attraction mastery measures up online, then I invite you to take my FREE Master Your Online Omnipresence Assessment.


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