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John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme’s entire career has revolved around changing lives and turning around businesses. His strategic consulting has generated over 100 Million Dollars in business for his clients and assisted them with building a loyal customer base by providing extreme customer service. John’s clients ...

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02/04/2017 01:57pm
3 Things You Must Do In Business Or Else

In this article, I will be teaching from one of my best-selling books, *17* Highly-Guarded Strategies to Close Every Sale Guaranteed Plus How to Combat the Fear of Closing.

#1 Thing You Must Do in Business – Build Qualified Leads

Buying leads is a waste of time. Instead, activate a qualified lead, with someone who actually needs your services.

Give away reports and one sheeters to anyone who shows interest in your business. Giving a lot of “stuff” out doesn’t do or produce anything. When you want more clients, you have to generate leads. The word “generate” means to extract and ignite. To generate a lead means to open up a relationship with someone who needs your product or service. You’re not marketing to just anyone!
Fancy, flashy flyers don’t generate business and giving away your business card isn’t lead generating either. How many business cards do you receive from sales reps and business owners that you throw away? This advertising is expensive and does absolutely nothing for your business. Instead, give away reports with secrets regarding your expertise. People want to read actual information. Add value to your potential client’s life. Give away content like crazy! The more quality content you give out, the more quality clients you will attract. Quality will always beat quantity.

#2 Thing You Must Do in Business – Develop a Relationship with That Lead

Salesmen go after anyone and everyone to make a profit. Marketers generate leads and build long-term relationships with those leads. Developing a long-term relationship means that you value the lead and you will build a relationship with them based on trust. Most people are likely frustrated with companies in your niche so they want to know that you will satisfy their needs and live up to your promises. Ultimately, they want to trust you. This process takes time, and that’s why every second counts.

There are so many easy ways to enhance your relationship with your clients. Be sure to send extra bonuses that you know they will enjoy. Send handwritten notes and thank you cards to show them that you value your relationship.

Give your clients a quick phone call to let them know that you are here for them if they ever have any questions or would like more information about your product or service. You must implement these systems in order to build relationships with your potential clients. Show them that you care. Consistently develop your relationships on a daily basis so your qualified leads will begin to trust in you and believe that your products and services will solve their problems.

#3 Thing You Must Do in Business – Make Offers and Recommendations to Close

If you don’t ask your clients questions about the product or service that they are searching for, then you can’t create open communication with them or meet their needs. When you ask questions, you’re able to extract specific information from them and make recommendations for the product or service they need to solve their issues. After you’re confident that you know what product or service you should offer them, simply say, “Allow me to recommend (insert product/service) that will resolve the issues that you are having with (insert their issue).” Yes, it’s that easy!
The next step is sharing an offer that you put together for your clients. It must be a tremendous value that meets their needs and gets them excited to try your product or service. When you are sharing the offer, share reviews from your satisfied clients and explain how investing in your product or service will solve their issue.

Most importantly, allow them to feel your passion about your product or service and your unrelenting commitment to your customers. This will grab your client’s attention and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Then you ask for the close. You can’t open up a relationship with your client if you don’t ask them to invest in your products or services. Yes, it takes confidence to ask for the close. You must build your confidence so you can build your business.
Success and failure don’t pick an industry or specific business. It’s all dependent upon your daily actions and determination to take your business to the next level. Implementing these three basic fundamentals that you learned in this teaching is a great step toward massive success!...
Make it a Tremendous Day in Your Business... John Di Lemme


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