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Palash Bagchi

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04/10/2017 08:54am
Creativity in Content Marketing

Searching for an article online is like going on a blind date. Creative Content Writing is what makes your date perfect.
Bear with me for a minute as I explain. Picture your living room on a Saturday night. You’re lonely, wishing you had a companion who was the perfect fit for you. You call a friend and lament your depression and they go hey! I know the perfect girl for you and set you up on a blind date. When the moment arrives, you head to the planned hotel with light trepidation, dressed up in your best suit in the hope that the girl you meet will be the one.
Now think about searching for an article online, for a moment. No one really goes online to read randomly anymore, they hit up Google only when they need something specific. When you’re in dire need for information, you turn to Google (the friend) who says don’t worry, here are a list of possibilities, and you click on the first article (the blind date) hoping it is the solution you were looking for. Do you now see the genius of my analogy?
As a writer, how do you make sure your article is the perfect fit for your reader? How can you make your article the best damn blind date your reader has ever had? Just as in dating, there is no magic formula to conjure attraction, but by following a few simple steps you can make sure your article is intriguing and captivates your reader to follow every word till the end. You might want to bookmark this page because trust me when I say, you will use these tips every single day.

This Single Tip Will Earn You Billions!!!

Your article’s heading is its face. No one gives an ugly face a second glance (seems rude but it is true). I bet most of you are still reading this paragraph in the hopes of earning a billion dollars. That is exactly what a heading should do, intrigue the reader enough to want to click and read your article. About the billion dollars, it is not happening my friend, this is not that sort of an article (although, there are secret get rich tips hidden all on this page so keep reading).
About the billion dollars, it is not happening my friend, this is not that sort of a Ponzi scheme article (although, there are secret get rich tips hidden all on this page so keep reading).
Your headline has to be short, but power-packed. Do not lie about what your content has to offer, that will be counterproductive. Placing click baits may get you a click but once the reader realizes they were conned, they are never coming back. Don’t make it dull and definitely do not reveal too much. Keep them guessing and use words that scream ‘you need this article in your life’.

Pick a Niche

We all have that one friend who claims to know everything under the sun. He’s a biker even though all he rides is his grandpa’s 50cc scooter, a hiker because the road leading to his house is steep and a photographer because he takes regular selfies on his outdated VGA camera. He boasts about anything and has an opinion on everything, but his words are not one we respect or take seriously because he never adds value to any conversation, just lashes information that is out of context.
This is exactly what a vague article without a niche feels like. Having a niche simply means being specific to a topic you specialize in. Your article’s heading might grab immediate attention and SEO optimization might get your article a click but keeping your reader on your page is a matter of having well worded, unique and eloquent content that stays specific to its title and purpose.


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