Pitchrate | Ukrainian IoT start-ups contribute to sustainable development and responsible consumption

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Max Kramar

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05/28/2017 01:29am
Ukrainian IoT start-ups contribute to sustainable development and responsible consumption

Ukrainian start-up persons master “The Internet of Things” or IoT successfully. Businessman Igor Yankovsky presents TOP-9 start-ups oMedium. All of them are more or less commercially successful and popular not only in Ukraine, but in other countries as well. There are the most famous inventions:
- Ecois.me – an application to control the household electric power consumption and recalling, among others, the necessity to turn off the electrical appliances.
- PetCube – a device that assists a master to watch his cat or dog remotely and entertain them with a laser beam using a regular smartphone.
- Helko – a virtual instructor for the gym that identifies the actual load and calculates its optimal volume for a particular user.
- FORCE emotion – a smart bracelet that monitors a physical condition of his owner.
- Mevics – a device that controls a human posture.
- BioSens – a home laboratory, enabling to test food products within a 15-minute period.
- UAberry – mini-farms for breeding of strawberries at home with automatic irrigation and temperature control.
Despite the variety of proposals in IoT, Igor Yankovsky finds them similar: “It seems to me that the ideology of sustainability - sustainable development and responsible consumption - underpins such innovations”. Businessman considers that sustainability may contribute to the modernization of Ukrainian society and economics.

“The penetration of this ideology into the public consciousness of Ukrainians through useful devices and services is the excellent news for the country which remained in captivity of resource economy for a long time. Therefore, in addition to the achieving of their primary aim the young start-up persons work on another important task - they “reform” social practices unobtrusively which means that they modernize Ukraine”,- summarizes Yankovsky.


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