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01/19/2018 12:19am
Mobile Commerce: Coordination of Mobile Web and Apps

Smartphones have become so common now that they provide you with the most effective and efficient means to be close to your customers. The coordination of functional websites and mobile apps offers an omnipresent capacity for the customers for using and storing what they want at any time or any place. Users appreciate it when they can shop inside a couple of taps and swipes on their functional screen and group this fast deal advantage.

Mobile commerce accounts for more than 30% of all online purchases and is shooting up with each passing day. Statistics indicate that smartphone users are not only using mobile devices to purchase, but they also have specific preferences for buying through mobile web or mobile apps.

A mobile app development company needs to understand the importance of this coordination between the web and apps and provide customers with the excellent UX they expect with the coordination of both. Portable streamlined arrangements are needed for covering functional sites and portable apps to make the business productive. You need to deal as an expert with the functional business adjustment that synchronizes with the existing E-commerce site and incorporates item index, shipping strategies, stock, instalments, checkout, and all other functionalities.

Pros and cons of mobile web and apps
Recent statistics have indicated that mobile web is driving double site traffic as compared to apps. Moreover, only 20-30% of the mobile sales of the retailer are through apps. Thus, both mobile web and apps hold a significant place in the mobile ecosystem with their pros and cons.

Mobile retail apps
Having your app on the customer’s phone gives you the home screen advantages such as speed, convenience, stored settings. It also gives you the advantage of easy customer reach and engagement through personalized content, incentives/rewards, best deals, coupons, etc. based on location and other customer characteristics for increasing conversions. You can also offer loyalty programs and provide a quick and easy means for viewing and managing the rewards. Users can make fast and easy payments by integrating payment technology for mobile-first customers looking for one-touch, in-app purchases, without the need for extensive data entry each time. In addition, through apps, customers can expect instant customer service from the service providers.

Mobile web
Though your mobile app users may become your most loyal and valued customers, it may be difficult to drive users from a mobile web experience to a mobile app. Moreover, app fatigue is now known to be real, and almost 65% of smartphone users do not download any new apps over an average three-month period. Mobile websites, on the other hand, are known to influence buying behaviour as nearly 60% customers use mobile web exclusively to searching and finalising their purchasing decisions. A mobile-optimised website not only improves conversions but also lowers bounce rate. In addition, local searches also get a boost through mobile websites as mobile users actively search for local business information to get relevant information through search engines.

Why is coordination of web and apps needed?
A compact system is now in demand and no longer a choice. For a fast lead business, things can be completed quickly by users, whether it is buying, appealing, or contacting a business. Organizations can benefit by the wide arrangement of factors that such functional apps can give. You need to research who your customers are and what devices they mostly use so that you can use both mobile web and apps in conjunction for supporting your casual users, loyal users, as well as potent users.

In this digital age, you cannot expect customers are using their smartphones not only for product orientation but also for making the actual purchase. So, though you may feel that either your mobile website or your app is already optimized and responsive, you actually cannot rely on either one, and both should be there and work in coordination to maximise conversions, enhance the user experience, and add on customer loyalty. It may seem like an investment initially, but the returns are worth the investment!

The combination of mobile web and apps in mobile commerce can give the user an enhanced personalized experience by providing them with personalized coupons for their locality (thanks to GPS! Though AR and wearable devices will take to further new levels), providing them with a wide range of customized purchase options (who has the time to select and compare, they want it all ready for them!), swipe and shop options, chatting before making a purchase (clear all their doubts!)

How can mobile web and apps coordinate for mobile commerce?
You can use omnichannel strategy for seamlessly integrating all modern mobile commerce elements. Quick starting mobile webshops based on HTML5 is now available for this and coordinate with the respective apps to compare shopping baskets on various terminals. Responsive web design and the same or special template set are used for contemplating mobile webshops. The relevant terminal feature is then used to develop native apps and use its features.

Using portable trade apps, you can work in close conjunction with your business on the website and open doors for business development by tapping the huge functional client base and attaining an edge over your competitors.

Final words
Mobile commerce applications and websites complement each other, both are incomplete without the another and will be driving the future of the online retail industry. Harnessing the best user-centric, mobile-first, accessibility, and versatility features of the native app and mobile web, a mobile commerce site can provide you competitive edge and route to better conversions.


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