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03/11/2018 03:06am
How to Do Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Mostly girls like to enhance their beauty further and if you know the art of perfect make then you can get ultimate and beautiful look by applying appropriate makeup. Here in this article we are going to tell you How to Do Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial. To get the Classy Look of then you have to follow this post and do the procedure what it tells you and after that you will be able to get the ultimate look of Purple Eye Make for Brown Eyes with combination of black color. This is going to be fascinating because it is easy as pie but you have all the shades and required stuff that we will tell you below to make this Purple Smokey Eye Pictures Tutorial complete.
Things you will need

Mac Eye Shadow
False Eyelashes

Now the tutorial is going to start and please follow the instructions. If you do it properly then the enhanced beauty feature will be upon you.

First apply white eye shadow as a base
Apply blue eye shadow on eye lid
After applying blue eye shadow on eye lid now clean it and blend it accurately
To give it a smoky look, now apply black eye shadow
Now in winged style apply eye liner
With the last step to complete your tutorial of Purple Eye Make for Brown Eyes attach the false eyelashes.

How to Do Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

We hope you will understand this properly and after doing these simple steps, goddess of beauty will be upon you. By doing this you can save your saloon expense. Also it is perfect for wedding and party occasions and shows them your gorgeous looks and styles. We hope this will help you to get stunning looks. If you like the Purple Eye Makeup tutorial then please share this on social media to appreciate our work for you.


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