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Colleen Garlock

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny presents objective evidence on the appropriate use of alternative therapies and the adverse impact of vaccines on health. She’s a sought-after lecturer, best selling author and a health freedom pioneer. She is the CEO of Tenpenny Enterprises and the Founder of the Tenpenny In...

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02/25/2011 10:22am
New book: Vaccine Epidemic becomes best seller

In response to the increasing number of pro-vaccine books by authors such as Seth Mnookin, Arthur Allen and the prolific Dr. Paul Offit, whose books are being published at a furious rate and with an increasingly vitriolic tone, those of us who stand against vaccines and stand for person's right to refuse are digging in our heels and fighting back.

The new book, "Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children" has just been released. It's an important book offering a range of experiences and perspective from different authors. Vaccine Epidemic has already received a lot of attention: As of 4 p.m. EST on February 10, 2011, Vaccine Epidemic was #118 on Amazon and poised to break into the top 100. The category rankings are #1 in public health, #1 in epidemiology, and #2 in internal medicine. The book has also landed on Amazon's Movers & Shakers and Hot New Releases lists. In case you were wondering, Offit's book was #4,361 and Mnookin was #4,974.

As a contributing author, I was anticipating a malicious volley to be hurled from the Skeptics crowd and pharma-paid minion, Dr. David "Orac" Gorski, but they have been surprisingly quiet. Vaccine advocates have lost a few battles, but overall, those who promote vaccine choice, especially the right to say no, are winning the war.

Case in point: The recent well-orchestrated attack on Dr. Andrew Wakefield by Pharma and its emissaries. Most who have followed the Wakefield story for years were scratching their collective heads, perplexed as to why this years-old story was suddenly new hot news. The entire episode reminded me of the familiar scene in grade B sci-fi movie, where the mortally wounded dinosaur bellows in pain, violently thrashes about and causes immense damage, before it roars and crashes to the ground with a massive thud.

Almost on a daily basis, thousands are waking up and rejecting drug-based, vaccine-laden medicine. Pharma may think their industry is "too big to fail" but if its prized widget, vaccination, is refused by most, the industry is likely to crash to the ground with a massive dinosaur-like thud. It's hard to maintain a $500billion/year industry if most of the population is vaccine-free and healthy.


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