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David Horsager

Dave Horsager is an author, business strategist, and keynote speaker. Through his book and programs he shares the secrets of using trust to impact the bottom line. Combining humor, illustrations, and memorable stories with research and insight, Dave sheds light on the confusion and misconceptions su...

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02/28/2011 05:44pm
Done is Better than Perfect

There are plenty of people who want to make a difference, but haven’t put their vision into action. Contribution is tied to action. You have to actually do something to get anything done. A friend, author, and small business expert, Mark LeBlanc, says, “Done is better than perfect.”(www.MarkLeblanc.com) What a great statement. We can become paralyzed, because we want something to be perfect. I am all for excellence, but sometimes a line needs to be drawn between finished and perfect. Even as I work on this book project, I think of all the research that I have not shared. There are compelling stories coming out every day that are pertinent to this topic. At some point, good enough and done becomes better than perfect and not done.

Entrepreneurs can have a problem here. They often have a big vision with big ideas. But the reason many new companies fail is a lack of implementation of those ideas. Two hundred great ideas are worth less than one good idea carried out to completion. The truth is that if people are consistently waiting for you to deliver, you’re not only costing them precious hours or days, but you are also destroying their trust in you. Perform great work, but know when to move it to completion. To learn more about how contribution builds trust visit www.TheTrustEdge.com.

6 Ways to Motivate Contribution
1. Example: People do what they see. Actions speak much louder than words.
2. Expectation: People generally step up to what is expected of them. Expect the best and you just might get it.
3. Education: Teach people what they need to know to do their job well.
4. Encouragement: No one gets enough of it. Encouragement delivered sincerely is golden.
5. Empower: Provide the resources needed to do the job effectively.
6. Extending Trust: Done with discernment, extending trust to others proves to be a great motivator of innovation and productivity.


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