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houssem bejaoui

I help people learn to sing, improve their singing, and give them lessons and tips to improve their singing. Also, post exercises.

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03/24/2019 09:16am
How To Make Voice Clear For Singing?

Frequently Asked Question:

1- can you teach yourself to sing?

2-can anyone learns to sing

3- how to improve your voice quality for singing

4- how to improve your singing voice

Yeah, Anyone can learn to sing, many people say my voice is bad, not good for singing, I can't sing, I don't want to embarrass myself, my voice is not good to singing. But I dream of being a famous singer and have a good voice and strong.
Are you a beginner ? you want to learn singing ?
Firstly, you must train your voice to sing, there many people who have the talent of singing and beautiful voice , but that is not enough to become a famous singer at a high level, he needs to make voice training exercises to make intensive effort and time enough to gets what he wants, and there are a lot of people who sing but don't have the basic ingredients of singing.
so we note that the art of singing today has reached a low level and lower comparative in the past. but to become a better singer, you should avoid any criticism failure to sing , this art should be studied in a complete manner, and the voice training to sing is good without any mirror defects, your voice is an instrument that needs training and practice so it improves.

How To Make Voice Clear For Singing?

Fortunately, they are lots of exercises that teach you to breathe or vocalize properly, you can use with the best voice training technique, use these skills when you speak professionally and learn how to improve your singing voice, it's also important to avoid damaging habits as such overuse, shouting, and coughing which can strain your voice.
Step By Step to train your voice to sing better
There are many basic steps that be taken a person to become qualified to sing, and train his voice to sing correctly and these steps are:

Best tips for sound improvement

Avoid all the things that lead to damage the voice , like a drinking cold water and ice, because it leads to the injury of the voice, so you should drink warm water and passerby , to keep the larynx maintain the safety , and keep away from drinking cigarettes , because they lead to inflammation and congestions in the throat and chest and it's necessary to eat small amounts of milk and dairy products because it leads to being sputum in the chest and the throat, all these things lead to confusion of voice and purity.

Avoid soda and cola because they lead to a malfunction in the voice.
There are natural recipes that help you to improve your voice, one of the recipes is to drink a glass of carrot juice, add a little lemon juice, and eat it every morning before eating anything, it has benefits to improving and refining your voice.

Exercising, such as walking, training, and abdominal sports, have the benefits of energizing the body and improving your voice to sing better and learning comfortable.
You should train within your energy and abilities gradually until you grow-up and develop your voice step by step and sequentially.
You should listen to music that fits your voice because the hearing is important to grow experience and learning to improve your voice instantly.

Join in the schools that teach singing, and to learn the rules and basics of singing, so to learn the correct way to improve your voice, and to study the notes and classes that fit your voice.

Practicing vocal and breathing exercises:

Pant at different speeds to build breath control, so let's start with short and fast panting for 30 seconds, and then do slower medium panting for another 30 seconds, and finish with 30 seconds of low, deep panting. that changing the depth of your breaths and the speed of panting, and will give you more control over your breathing and it is improving your voice singing. and when you the deep panting, and you should feel air moving through your lungs.

Try your vowels to prepare your voice to sing which is one of the best ways to learn to sing, that use a deep voice with a full breath and say "Maaaa", "Mayyyyy", "Mowwww", "Moooo". try again every day, because this way opens your voice and improve it to get you a better singer, but when you try this way, and you should feel when you speak, the muscle of your abdomen is tightened.

Try the best exercises to improve your voice in singing like the words "Do,Re,Mi,Fa,So,La,Si,Do" in order ascending and repeat again with order descending.
Simple warm-up program: this is also one of the best exercises to build a good voice, that you enjoy when using this exercise, also you can create your own 10 to 15-minute warm-up.

Enunciate your words when speaking, that improves your voice sounds and clear, and it helps you to sing higher to become a good singer. so keep this note in your mind that you don't need to tank up on air before trying to hit a high note, and you can sing high notes with proper breath so you don't strain your voice.

Tips to improve your voice:

Stop smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and taking drugs.
Avoid caffeine-rich beverages and other soft drinks.
Reduce fatty and fatty foods.
Eat a tablespoon of honey daily, or sweeten the herbal drinks.
Stop screaming and talking loudly.
Minimize the breathing of the mouth.

Get a Vocal Coach

Don’t try to do it all by yourself. and Get into a vocal training program and follow it. Having a vocal coach is one of the most important things a singer can do to improve and grow, so We can’t always hear what we sound like as were singing.

Even if we record ourselves and listen to it afterward,so we can’t make the instant corrections that a vocal coach can recommend. A vocal coach will also keep you aware of your posture, and your breathing, and your technique. Shop around for this. and There are good vocal coaches and bad vocal coaches, and it’s important that you find one you resonate with–literally!
This article was originally published at http://teachyourselfsinging.com/how-to-make-voice-clear-for-singing/ and has been syndicated with permission.


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