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Daisy Johnson

Hi, everyone! I am hoping to make your golf experience better & help to set up your mind about all golf related equipments. Happy Golfing! I love Golf. Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots, but you have to play t...

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09/25/2019 08:22pm
10 Best Golf Chipping Tips To Make Chip Shot A Breeze

Golf chipping refers to the short shots hit around the green with your chosen golf club to get the ball rolling on the green so fast as possible. The fact is that from the amateur golfer to the veteran one may have issues about hitting a chip shot off and on.
A chip shot is mostly overlooked one in the practice list of Amateur Golfer. If you hit following every single green regulation, you can avoid the situation of a chip shot. Otherwise, you might find yourself in chipping from a couple of yards or more.
Then again, the chip shot is almost like pitch shot. Like every other shot, a chip shot is also important to make the par successfully.
However, chipping tips coming out of thorough research will no doubt should be helpful to develop your chipping skill. Here you go with 10 best golf chipping tips.

#1 Right Choice of Club for successful golf chipping
You should choose the right club for your shot. It requires mixing up the options matching the situation. The height and the roll are the main factors to choose the right club. More significantly, you can use 8-iron for a chip shot to fly the ball perfectly. But the grass is also notable for choosing the club. Don’t use the lob wedge as it is for lob shots. To get even clearer, the sand wedge may help you to match the optimal height and spin combination.
#2 Leading the Club Face
After choosing the club it comes to leading the club face. It is the best tip to make sure the hands lead the club face. You need to be sure that your hand controls the shot perfectly when you are in the right position. For a delicate stroke choking down on the grip is a lot more helpful to complete the shot.
It means the grip enhances the weight above hands to make the shot simpler than flipping it too fast. You should also concentrate on hunching the body. Avoid the upper body hunch and choke down using your hands.
#3 The right stance for the great shot
Now it’s the time of the perfect stance. The stance should be open and narrow. Most of the amateurs think that the best way of chipping is to align the body parallel to the target. But this one won’t work that much. The shot needs some body rotation with a full shot. Because chipping requires less and delayed release than a full swing shot.
#4 The forward slide and the weight leaning
Here is another basic tip for every shot in golf. The chip shot also requires a perfect forward slide. Your weight needs leaning slightly on your left foot. The downward angle into the ball is a must to hit the ball. The leaning body weight will create a downward angle and the grip of your wrist automatically promotes the angle of the shot. You just need to make the swing steeply to cover the shorter length with perfect height. Don’t scoop the ball as the shot requires hitting down through the shot.
#5 Adjust the Swing position to hit the ball straight in the air
Steep hitting through the downward will ensure the perfect chip shot if there are no bunker or another obstacle in front of it. In this situation, you should adjust your swing position to hit the ball straight up the air. But a higher shot will land softer and stop quicker which is a concern to make the holes.
So, for quality golf chipping, you need to move the ball closer to the left foot and slide under the ball keeping the hands back. That means you need to set your hands slightly behind the ball to ensure the perfect chip shot.
#6 Keeping it simple through practicing more and more
In every sports or event, simplicity is the fundamental rules to follow. The best way to keep the shot simple is using the one club to hit the most of your chips. This favorite club will help you to save your practice time for the game. The club you will use is completely up to you.
#7 The Grass Factor
The chip shot isn’t a problem if you can hit the ball from a perfect lie. And it wouldn’t be a tough thing to maintain the percentage of your chip shot from a great lie. The golf course has a lot more different grass feature and terrain around the ground. It is particularly designed to make things harder in the course.
So you need to follow the obstacle while taking your chip shot. If you are taking the shot from the long grasses playing the chip shot will be more complicated. The shot from the long grass requires better judgment. At that time you need to use a lofted club like 8 or 9-iron or pitching wedge. You need to ensure the perfect bounce and roll so adjust your target more precisely.
#8 Short and Stable backswing
It is another basic method to play the chip shot accordingly. The chip shot helps the ball in a shorter distance. So it is important to control the backswing. Amateurs may not be comfortable with this shot. The experience is important to control the tight backswing and help use the wind in favor of your shot. So, controlling the backswing amounts to the most effective golf chipping.
#9 Keeping your heads up for the best shot
Don’t ever get your heads down as it is really bad for your shot. If you do this your stance will lose the stability and you cannot rotate. So for a decent contact, you have to use your head to control the distance and the direction.
#10 Best Golf Chipping Style
There are two chipping styles – Steve Stryker swing and Phil Mickelson swing. I prefer Steve Stryker’s single-lever swing. The swing comes with his wrist hinge setup following the hinge all the way through the shot. That shot by Steve Stryker adjusts the swing length with the perfect distance and direction.
The Final Words...
Now at the far end of the article, I am going to suggest some cautions to improve your golf chipping stroke. Focusing and calmness is the most important part of a golf game. You may find other game so exciting and aggressive. But in golf, you can complete the shot when you will avoid the chit chat around you and concentrate on your shot.
And as you should know, don’t bend or break your wrists during the shot. That will improve your hitting skill and you can save your strokes following these tips above.
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