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Cristian Soriano


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05/13/2020 03:22pm
Meditation for Beginers: How to meditate ?

Meditation has a lot of health benefits, it empowers the whole body, prolongs life, increases mental performance and it has an anti-aging effect. Meditation slows the aging process as well as other techniques, such as practicing yoga and mindfulness. A study showed that just 15 minutes of daily meditation helps with telomerase production. Zen meditators with extensive meditation experience have telomeres that are 10 percent longer than people who were of a similar age and who lived a similar lifestyle but who had never meditated. The telomeres are the corners of chromosomes and by increasing the size the life is increased as well.

If you heard about the Law of attraction, it is important that you know that by meditating you accelerate enormously any manifestation process, many people do not manifest due to their unhealthy dark spirits. So mediation is the most important practice you can do to achieve freedom, increase money flow, and find the love of your life. Be aware that I am not selling anything to you, I include affiliate links in this article, but I'm talking about this because in my experience, I got great results from meditating and these could be a part of your life too. I will be happy if most of society is experiencing joy, plenitude, and good health.

Why Buddha get enlightenment by meditating ? Because meditation is the practice of cultivating light in the Spirit. The Spirit is a part of the body and when you meditate for years this area expands a lot and gets shinny. When your spirit is huge and it is completely bright going to be easy for you to see with your own eyes that you are creating your own reality, this is why I called the Law of projection to the Law of attraction. It going to be easy for you to attract only good things to your life and the life of your family and friends by maintaining positive the emotions and by focusing your attention on the right content with the right people and by doing the right actions as well. Enlightenment is when a person achieves a huge and shiny spirit due to the cultivation of the light in the body for years. In this state a person arrives at paradise, yes ! you do not need to die to arrive there. People that say that paradise will arrive after death is lying to you, it is something no one can prove but arriving at the paradise after enlightenment is something that can prove on your own. It is why it is important that you start to meditate right now because it is a very long process but do not worry, just after a few months of practice you will see improvements in your life, personality, in your mental performance and you going to look more beautiful and attractive as well. How to meditate ? Basically you only need to sit comfortably with the back straight and close your eyes. Meditation is introducing yourself in a peaceful state of mind where thoughts are not there anymore. When thoughts stop the body attracts the light around you naturally, this light has its own intelligence and will heal your body and remove energetic blockages and traumas. If it is hard for you to meditate do it just after waking up in the morning because you are very relaxed or before sleeping but 30 minutes before the meditation turn off all the electronics, your cellphone, the computer and do some relaxing activities as writing in a notebook the goals you want to achieve or experiences you want to live or just planning the next days, then, sit on a pillow on the bed and close your eyes; breath slowly and deeply until thoughts disappear. I know, it is no easy but using an oil diffuser with Lavender could help a lot to relax. Also, using earplugs for sleeping during the practice will help to avoid being distracted by the sounds from around; listening to music with the Solfeggio frequencies would facilitate a deep state of peace, they are a good option for achieving a good meditation.

Exercises during meditation

You can visualize something you would like to manifest during meditation or say affirmations out loud as "I am financially free" to shape reality by using the light that you are storing. In this way, you will be able to direct that energy towards an objective or simply imagine the planet and direct golden light there with your hands and imagination. Let me tell you that Money is very good, you can help a lot of people if you have money. It is why it's important you try your best to be wealthy. If you are a great person you will help a lot with that money, there is a lot of very good people that are poor and it is sad because they can be rich and help a lot but they are not interested, in my opinion, they are very egoist because they are missing a great opportunity to help a lot and building great projects in benefit of the society, the planet or flora and fauna. They are simply in the comfort zone and justify their laziness with the belief that being spiritual is not being materialistic. A real spiritual person is very abundant like King Solomon, some of the most elevated people who lived on this planet, who was fabulously wealthy and wise.

How to facilitate stop thinking ?

If is hard for you to meditate even during morning and night try by smoking 2 puffs of Cannabis. Marijuana has a negative impact on memory it is why is not a good idea to smoke regularly but this zombie effect makes easy the meditation and you can go very deep by smoking just a bit. If you smoke a complete joint or if you mixed it with tobacco going to be the opposite, you will be not able to meditate. In my book, the Most Powerful Meditation I am explaining that smoking weed could cause paranoia if the mind is full of rubbish and most of the people have garbage in their minds because of the movies they watch, the video games they play and the negative news they consume as well, all them are stored as memories. If your mind is full of negative content going to be easy to feel fears after smoking so be aware of that. There are some habits that make you paranoid easily, like smoking pot, being hungry, drunk, or simply at night is easier to feel fear because by nature the reptilian brain is more active during that time when we should be sleeping and many mental processes will come from this negative area that often imagines the worst scenario. It is important that you know it to avoid planting seeds during those moments by negative decisions, thoughts, or feelings. The effect of Cannabis is very positive only if your mind is clean from the violent and negative content available almost everywhere. It's insane to be exposed to all that negative content, and if it's not clear to you what's negative, just observe which feelings arise after you watch or listen to something. If you feel anger, hatred, or fear after watch something is because it is negative and it is strategic to watch only content that empowers you, that makes you inspire, take action or feel happy and even make you laugh.

Which days are strategic to meditate ?

All equinoxes and solstices are days where the energies around are very strong and you can introduce them in your spirit to make it bigger and strong by meditating. Also, during full moons or in new moons as well. But the most powerful day of the year is Rosh Hashanah, it is the Jewish New Year but even most of the Jewish have no idea about how strategic it is to cultivate the energies during this day, something only Kabbalist knows. During this day the dimension of this planet is very close to the dimension where the first man was before coming to Earth "the Eden". Then, this day is strategic to attract a lot of light in the body. For the Kabbalists is like the day where the supermarket has all the merchandise for free and you can bring it to your home to have the supply for all the year. It is the perfect day to visualize your next goals because the energies around are very powerful and you can introduce them in your body, in your spirit, and they going to be manifested in the next year.

Can I heal my self with meditation ?

For sure ! I had a very strong health condition for years that I healed on my own. After years of meditation, you will be able to connect with the light with easy and you can see it. When this light is arriving in the body, just put your left-hand palm up on your knee to receive the light and the right hand use it to direct the energy in the area of the body that needs to be healed. Touch it and you will feel relief. This light has its own intelligence something that mainstream scientists can not understand due to their dark spirits, and of course, there is not too much research on this field because it has zero economic benefit. Science is only used to create products that make money and what does not make money is consider pseudoscience even if it has strong scientific evidence like the traditional Chinese medicine that has healed thousands of people with success since 3000 years ago just by correcting the flow of the Chi energy in the body of the patients. When a person has a strong and balanced flow of Life force in the body is able to heal on their own, that light has its own intelligence as I said before. You are very powerful if you are connected to this strong flow of light.

Important tips

Your back should be straight otherwise you going to lose your time

Find a comfortable position, sitting in a chair with palms up in the knew is a good one

Breath deeply and slowly, inflate and deflate completely your lungs

Listen to Solfeggio frequencies could improve your meditation

Meditate in a quiet place with warm temperature

A Chi generator pulsing the Chi in a low frequency will help to relax

Put your feet in water with sea salt for 15 minutes before the meditation to remove negative energy from the body


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