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George Denehy Jr.

I have written two books on management ("The Role of Values in the Workplace and Managing From the Trenches – Secrets of Teambuilding) and Several Booklets (4 Simple Steps to Successful Teams, Conflict Analysis Guide for Leaders, 5C’s To More Sales and Profit and Why Tennis). I have designed, de...

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MobiPetTag Company

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03/08/2011 09:58am
Reinventing the Pet Tag

MobiPetTags of Lowellville, Ohio has teamed with Microsoft® Tag to re-invent the pet tag. MobiPetTags has advanced the simple pet tags with a number etched on a piece of metal or thick plastic to a modern, high tech, lightweight, coded information link using all of the capabilities of smart phones and cyberspace.

No longer is a pet’s safety dependent upon unreliable and outdated manual record keeping or the drawbacks inherent in microchiping. Once the MobiPetTag link has been initialized, the data entered with MobiPetTags is not deleted even if the customer is no longer in contact with the company.

No longer do cats or dogs have to wear multiple tags to prove they have current shots and licenses. The MobiPetTag Suite of services enables Pet Parents to store multiple phone numbers, updates and emergency contacts with just one pet tag. MobiPetTags can store microchip identifying numbers, license numbers—old and new, shot histories, medical records, dietary information, certifications and all critical pet information through one quick access pet tag. Owners can even keep records of breeding, training accomplishments, competition awards and special handling instructions all in one place and also tagged on their companion animal.

The MobiPetTag Company is joining the likes of KOA (Kampgrounds of America), Book(ed) Passage, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Acura, Dentyne, Crown Royal, Foursquare, 3M, Universal entertainment, and the most popular magazine in South America - Huisqenoot Magazine—all businesses which use Microsoft® Tag technology. The MobiPetTag System combines the latest in custom 2D bar coding from Microsoft® Tag and the massive capability of the internet with the 3 billion plus cell phone and computer users to create the largest integrated "Companion Communication Link" for pets in the world.

The MobiPetTags Suite will enable anyone with an internet connected cell phone and or a personal computer (over 3 billion in the world today) to identify a lost or injured animal companion immediately by simply scanning the Tag with a mobile phone and with a single click be able to contact the owner and/or their veterinarian.

If a pet is lost, calling MobiPetTags’ emergency number will activate its PetTagAlert system to notify all shelters, clinics, volunteer pet rescuers, animal emergency hospitals, pounds and rescue organizations within a 5 mile radius of where the animal disappeared. In addition, an immediate lost pet notification will go out to the national network of MobiPetTag users and social network media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) accounts. A Pet Parent will receive a quick Lost Pet Kit via email which includes ready to print posters as well as special manual of instructions on what to do next.
If a pet is injured, especially away from home, and is rushed to the nearest vet for medical treatment, the MobiPetTags provides quick and easy access to the animal’s medical records through the PetCollarTags, PetCallingCards or PetKeyTags. Such access could make the difference between life and death for the animal.

MobiPetTags is not a renewable membership based system, but an integrated product based structure. MobiPetTags provides its customers with a selection of products for large and small pets of all type (dogs, cats, horses, birds, snakes, rabbits, amphibians, etc).

In addition, MobiPetTag offers the ability to store your companion’s Shot History, Medical Records, and Awards Certificates online for quick faxing on the spot when these records are needed.

Today even groomers, boarding kennels, veterinarians, transport services, animal shows, etc. all require key information (shot history, medical records, show certificates, etc.) about the animals they serve. With our custom designed MobiPetTags’, all that information is only as far away as a cell phone.

MobiPetTags (http://www.mobipettags.com) is dedicated to utilizing technology, especially mobile phone technology to make the life of companion animals easier and safer and to make it easier for Pet Parents to provide th


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