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Deb Ling

Pastor, author, editor and publisher. Have just finished another ebook. The first, The Walking Wounded helps women heal from the past wounds caused by trauma or abuse. I have recently added the workbook to this. (Dec 2010) My second ebook is Prophetic Dance, Hidden in Plain View, which speaks on...

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03/11/2011 04:19pm
What Do You Want to Share Today?

What Do You Want to Share Today?

If you are online chances are you want to promote something. Maybe it is the latest book you read and you want to share it with your friends. Maybe it is the latest joke in your email that you want to share. Or maybe you are a network martketer and you want to share your online business with others so they will join you. The list goes on.

We are all promoting something, either ourselves, our product, our business or our emails, but we all want to connect with others and share what makes us laugh, makes us happy or makes us money. What do you want to share? And better yet, How do you propose to share it?

Yes, we all want to share. We think that what we enjoy, our friends and neighbors should also enjoy. If it makes me laugh it should make you laugh. Right? No, that is not necessarily true.

The problem with thinking that way is that not everyone has the same outlook. They don't have the same interests, nor the same sense of humor. A joke about a fat wife might make some men laugh but more so make some women sad as they are overweight, and might take it personal. An article on healing might interest the Christian that needs it but not interest the athiest.

The issue there is that if both the athiest and the Christian get the same information on healing, then the audience is not targeted. If the men and women get sent the joke but only the men like it, then again the audience is not targeted. And while getting your word out, no matter what the subject matter, it needs to get out to the right audience.

Having said that, how do you do it? Start out with writing articles about a subject related to your product, your book, your brand or whatever it is that you want to promote. If you wrote a book on gardening then write an article on gardening that would complement your book. Then find the right article directory to send it to. You could send it to one of many directories, but the one on gardening would be so much better, as that would be a targeted audience for your book.

You want to get to the targeted audience, not the general audience. So do the due diligence and find the article directory that will send it to people interested in gardening. The more articles you get out, with your 'about the author' box at the bottom, the more links back to your site. In doing this you have actually worked on two ways to promote your book, article writing and backlinks.

Another way to promote your book is to visit forums and other blogs. Join in on the conversations, giving sage advice, with a link to your site in your signature. Again this is a two for one - blog and link back, forum and link back. There is no cost to these suggestions, it just takes time.

Make yourself a calendar and a timesheet. Set goals. Plan how many hours each day you can use to promote your book. Lay out a game plan on what you are going to do to promote it. Maybe you will write one article a week and sign in on blogs and forums four days a week. You might also be writing another book so you need to spend time on that also, add that to your calendar for each day. Figure out what works for you. But plan your work and then work your plan.

There are other ways you can promote yourself, social media such as Facebook, you can set up a fan page. Send out a tweet on Twitter to announce your news. Just remember that if all you do is spout about what you are doing, people will get tired of hearing it, so shake it up a bit. Add snippets of news to what you share on Facebook and Twitter.

You could also join LinkedIn and connect with others through groups they have that would work well with your book. For instance if you wrote a book on gardening, then join gardening groups. There may be other places you can find these groups also, like on Yahoo or Google. Always be willing to share your expertise and let them know you are willing to help out with questions, not just hawk your book.

There are of course other ways to market your book. If you have the money you can run ads, online and offline. Ads run in a n


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