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Claude Jones

Failure Turned Into Success is about inspiring people to go after their dreams regardless to what others may think.

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Failure Turned Into Success Ministries

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03/12/2011 09:42am
How to successfully market yourself or your business

I have learned in order to market your product you first have to believe in what you are doing when nobody else does. When I talk about my company I sell me and my lifes story.

I keep it real by focusing on the one thing that most of us do not like to talk about and that is failure. Failure to some of us is like a curse. Over in Africa the word "failure" is a curse. I embrace failure and use it as a tool to build upon.

When I talk or speak to people I tell them that the only failure in life is when you have the ablility to do something and you do absolutely nothing about it.

I also use the stratergy that I have no formal training in business or writing a book. But thru my faith, determination, and a lot of hard work I have successfully done both. When I started my company I had no money or credit.

I have learned that by putting my past out there for people to see it gives them a since of hope. In marketing you have to be able to reach people in away that they will respond to what you are selling.

The dream that I market is that you have success but you have to stay with it no matter how bad things may seem and at the end of the day and somewhere in the future your dreams will come true.


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