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Marilyn Ellis

Marilyn Ellis has a lot of people listening. As an author, speaker, certified coach and professional organizing dynamo, she not only helps people “get organized” but she also helps them “think organized”! Her company name, Lighthouse Organizers, LLC reflects her true desire “to help peopl...

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Lighthouse Organizers, LLC

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03/14/2011 07:28pm
Competition? So what?

All businesses have competition. Look at banks, insurance brokers, financial planners and real estate companies. Think doctors and dentists, hairdressers and nail salons. Think you! Having 'competition' indicates that the market really wants what you've got! But first and foremost, successful businesses don't focus on their competition. Instead they focus on serving their customers and providing superior value. In order to do that, you must have the following beliefs:

1. You are completely unique

2. No one has the heart, the experience, connections and knowledge that you have.

3.There is only one of you in the entire universe. How special is that?

4.Your style will be a perfect fit for them.

Your desire is to serve all of your clients to the best of your ability. When you are a good fit, it will be fun and easy for everybody concerned.

The customer needs a solution. You must offer the best solution in a way that also offers them trust as well as value. Nobody goes into a Mercedes dealership and asks to see the cheapest car! Customers want the best and are willing to pay for it.

How do you get them to decide that you are the best? Here's the checklist:

1.Do you connect with them?

2.Do they feel that you listened to them and understand their needs?

3.Do they like you?

4.Do they trust you?

5.Can you give them what they want?

Be sincerely confident. You know that you will give them superior service. It's in their best interests to hire you. How can you make sure that they do? Ask! The hardest part of the sales process is working up the nerve to ask for the sale. Remember, if you are a perfect fit for them, you have no competition.


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