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Patsy Henry

Patsy M. Henry is newly retired after working twenty-five years in banking and eight years as an office manager. Her goal for retirement was to explore her dream of writing. This has been both challenging and rewarding. She had been encouraged to write by family and friends who told her that sh...

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03/15/2011 03:38pm
Best Financial MarketingTip

What is my best business tip to promote my books? I’ve tried everything to promote my bunny stories. I visited all elementary schools within 100 miles and talked to the media specialist. I donated a set of three of my books to their library, and scheduled some readings. When I read in schools, preorder forms are sent home with the students prior to my reading. I visited public libraries and bookstores. I read my books in 16 libraries last summer. This, however, sold only a few books. Why do I do that? I do readings because with each appearance, I am visible. The students recognize me when our paths cross again. They say, “I know you. You visited my school.”

I joined a local writers group recently. What did this accomplish? The group publishes a paper quarterly that contains writings done by the members. There you go again. I’m visible.

I have run newspaper ads prior to readings or book signings. Does the cost of the ad out weight my profits? Often it does. So what did that accomplish? I bumped into someone in a store the other day, and she said, “I saw your ad, but I could not come to your event. I do want a copy of your book for my niece.” So there you go!

Just recently I joined PitchRate.com and doors are opening with endless possibilities. I think that is my best financial tip. To promote my book and me, I need to take advantage of the endless possibilities that present themselves everyday. Will I have a best seller? Maybe. It’s up to me to take advantage of the endless possibilities.


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