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Kathleen Wensel

A Professional in travel, real estate, retail and wholesale marketing sales, a radio show guest across America, commercials, seminar speaker, model and teacher, entrepreneur and author, TV Host -"All About Freedom"

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03/15/2011 06:30pm
Getting Noticed!!

When you are looking for a new job, looking to promit a book, have an idea for something new for the world to see. Have a plan.

No matter who you are going to speak to, know something about their company and how you can fit or your product can fit into their company.

Smile, smile, smile. Be real and truthful. If the person you are talking to is smart he will know that you are real and truthful.

Always market yourself. It all comes down to how many units of merchandise you sell. How many people you help by your services. Always, be your real self when talking at a seminar.

I have always been a people person. When you speak to someone look them straight in the eye. Give them the facts, and your story on how you came to their company for yourself and your product.

Have all the facts with you, be on time, and smile.


time, smile, know company, your product.
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