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Thomas Wright

Tom Wright overcame tremendous odds growing up in a life threatening environment overrun by racially charged violence in the 1960s. He now looks upon these early influences as the crucible that forged his will to continually rise above his circumstances and to overcome all obstacles he encountered t...

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03/16/2011 01:02pm
A Peak Performance Mindset

A Peak Performance Mindset

The development of a Peak Performance Mindset came out of the need to communicate what transformation is, to people who had never heard of breakthrough work, or who had never experienced transformation themselves. In the personal coaching, and online work I do, all of which was created in response to this need, it was found that doing both the coaching and the course caused participants to experience their own Peak Performance Mindset, which they shortened to "breakthrough" when describing what they went through during the thirty weeks that I had worked with them. What then, is a breakthrough in Peak Performance Mindset?

Think of a time when you were successful at accomplishing something. It doesn't matter what time of your life that was, go ahead and recall the details of what you were thinking, feeling, and then out of that, what you did in order to cause that success. If you put together the details of that experience, you will find some striking similarities between what you thought, felt, and did, and what others felt, thought, and did, during times of Peak Performance Mindset in their lives. And it is a peculiar trait that we humans have, of forgetting what those details were, sometimes the very next time we attempt to accomplish something else. But just because the upset we harbor over our perceived failures, or our resignation over having failed in the first place, clouds our awareness of, or more likely, our willingness to apply what we know, doesn't mean that what we know has gone anywhere. If our knowledge disappeared like that, then in one often used word in the course, it would be impossible to uncover our latent abilities and skills. And we do a lot of uncovering in my coaching work.

What we uncover is the inspiration to keep on applying what we already know to do. For some reason, somehow, somewhere, and at some time, it became embarrassing to jump up and down with joy, and dance around the room at the gifts and the grace of living itself. We were thought to be burdened with "responsibility" when in truth, quite the opposite usually happens. What we are instead burdened with, is the thought that we have to fulfill someone else's ideas of what we need to do in order to be responsible for our lives. And it is that thought from an outside source that tells us what to do, where freedom is lost, and the prison of our resignation begins to take over. Who, but you, knows what you desire to accomplish in your life, that the doing of would make you the most happy? Making that choice, and then living out your dream no matter what, is what true responsibility is. And we have a responsibility to do just that. These are our lives, after all.

What is the most striking point in the development of a Peak Performance Mindset with participants is what happens when they discover their true avocation. Simultaneously, what they discover is their inspiration. Why is this? Because if you think about it, what other goals are you willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish, breaking through barrier after barrier, and overcoming obstacle after obstacle, than ones related to what you are the most passionate about? Once this passion is released in form, and that form would be your cherished avocation, nothing, and I do mean that literally, nothing on earth can stop you from setting out toward success. And I know, despite passions people die, but the point is, people also die passionless, and to tell you the truth, I would rather experience one huge day of enormous success, then ten years of depressing nothingness. Because once you do experience that much sheer satisfaction, you will realize the true reason you were gifted with your own life to begin with. And it isn't resignation either.
The good news is that a Peak Performance Mindset, once developed, can be used for any and all goals whatsoever. It's the mindset that runners use on the twentieth mile of a twenty-six mile marathon, that checks into their body and realizes that in fact, they're O.K. and they can go on. I know, I've run thos


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