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Andrea Gold

Andrea H. Gold is president of Gold Stars Speakers Bureau, and president and CEO of Dynamic Pathways, Inc. She is also co-author of the hardcover and ebook, "The Business of Successful Speaking: Proven Secrets to Becoming a Million Dollar Speaker" (2009), "Authors Who Speak Sell More Books" (2014) ...

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Gold Stars Speakers Bureau

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03/17/2011 06:01pm
Speak Your Product...and You Will Be Heard

People talk about their product or service. They focus on facts. It's all talk, talk, and more talk. However, they need to SPEAK about their product or service! Engage your market in forums where you can address them personally. Illustrate your product or service through stories. Answer their questions. Demonstrate your passion!
I am the author of the book "The Business of Successful Speaking: Proven Secrets to Becoming a Million Dollar Speaker." I believe in my product, I speak on my product, and share stories that HELP people.
Speak, and speak from your heart. Promote through your mouth. What's in it for the audience? Make a real difference in people's lives, and through your speaking, offer genuine services and products that specifically address those needs.
A saying "out there" goes something like this: if you do not take the steps, how can you succeed? Take the steps, speak and communicate your passion and stories...and sell, sell, sell!


speaking, authentic, marketing, help, make a difference, communicate
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