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Dr. Barnsley Brown

Dr. Barnsley Brown is a "recovering academic" who left a professorial career over a decade ago to start her own passionate business, Spirited Solutions Professional Speaking & Coaching. She helps busy professionals, women, and business owners create balanced, prosperous lives and work they love! ...

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03/25/2011 04:57pm
Daily Spending: How Sasquatch Can Help You Track Spending and Maintain a Tight Budget

If you're like me, you were fascinated by Sasquatch as a child. The idea of some hairy, hulking Neanderthal creature prowling alone in the hills was one of life's great mysteries. Sightings of Big Foot were common and some folks even found footprints, but somehow, he always got away.

The tracks disappeared-or the trackers were clueless-or both.

The point is, without tracks, all we have is a puzzling mystery. Without hard facts nothing can be confronted and nothing can be changed.

In the same way, if you want to eliminate debt, you must scrutinize your spending and get absolutely clear about how you handle money. The only way to do that is to track your expenses. There is no quick get-rich fix to create prosperity, and if anyone promises you one, IGNORE them.

Whether you use Quicken, an Excel spreadsheet, a little notebook like me-or a combination of all three-it is IMPERATIVE that you know a) HOW MUCH you are spending and b) WHAT you are spending it on.

I began this powerful practice after reading Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez. If you don't know this book, buy it! (Yes, spend a little-It will pay off!) Not only will Your Money or Your Life give you a compelling reason to leave that spirit-squelching job you're doing just for "security" and "benefits" but it will give you sound financial practices to implement for years to come.

Though Dominguez died some years back, you can still find study groups around the country based on his work. He's got a following and now you know why.

How on earth can you expect to get your finances-and your life-into shape if you have no clear, REAL idea of what you're spending? Yet most of the world is running around spending, spending, and spending like wild horses set free in a consumer wilderness.

You can't rein yourself in unless you know EXACTLY what your situation is. So get in the saddle, take this one simple step and record your expenses daily-I warn you, at first, you'll probably be horrified but you must persist!

Getting out of debt is not easy. Getting control of your finances and taking charge of your life is not easy. Creating prosperity of mind, body, and spirit is not easy. The road ahead may look daunting but just record your expenses, one day at a time, and think of all the rewards you'll havepeace of mind, freedom, and time to do what you want with whom you want!

Your prosperity doesn't have to hide out in the hills like Sasquatch. You can start to create it by tracking your expenses and taking control of your spending right now!


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