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Oren Shapiro

Classic Shapewear is the industry’s leading online shapewear retailer offering the highest quality, latest trends, and best named brands to fit and shape women of every size. Specializing in shapewear, the buyer’s at Classic Shapewear are selective about which brands they carry. From the materia...

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Shelly Cellak


04/01/2011 01:39pm
Top 5 Shapewear Trends for 2011

Wondering what will be this year’s shapewear must-haves? The buyers at Classic Shapewear, a leading online retailer of the best brands of shapewear, have identified the top five shapewear trends to expect in 2011.

Trend #1 – Cellulite Fighting Shapewear
Shapewear isn’t just about holding you in, with today’s advanced technologies, companies are incorporating science into their textiles to reduce the appearance of cellulite. “We expect to see a growth in the popularity among products that ease the fight against cellulite for the foreseeable future,” commented Oren Shapiro, buyer for Classic Shapewear. “In 2011, products based upon the principles of micro-massage, will become more mainstream as consumers begin to understand this revolutionary, cutting-edge new way to break up unwanted fat that creates the appearance of cellulite. “

Trend #2 – The Return of the Waist Cincher
Thanks to the women of ‘Mad Men,’ the sexy, hourglass figure has returned as a refreshing trend after years of uber-thin runway looks. Yet, this look does not always come naturally. In recent years we’ve seen an incredible evolution of the classic ‘waist cincher.’ In fact, waist cinchers continue to gain significant popularity among women who are looking for that gorgeous hourglass figure. Definitely not your grandmother’s girdle, today’s waist cinchers are sexy, seamless, and surprisingly comfortable.

Trend #3 – Slimming Sleeves
Ok women, you can finally wave goodbye to unsightly upper arm jiggle! Until recently, the options to conceal upper arm fat were slim. Thankfully, brands have caught onto this common ‘problem area’ and are creating sleeves designed specifically to smooth and tone the upper arms without looking like medical garments. In 2011, we expect this category to become more popular among brides (think sleeveless!) and women in the 40-plus categories.

Trend #4 – Maximizing the Gluteus
In a society that is obsessed with slimming down, little attention has been paid to women whose backside needs some TLC, until now. Thanks to curvaceous celebs like Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce Knowles, and Jennifer Lopez, women are embracing their curvaceous booty’s. The new generation of sexy rear enhancers are a great way for women who struggle with a flat or saggy bottom. In 2011, products that promise to ‘flatter not flatten’ will continue to gain popularity, such as those that feature removable pads or are designed with extra firm compression fabric to slim, lift, and sculpt the derriere to perfection.

Trend #5 – Leg Shapers
Leggings have made quite an impression on the fashion industry. Styles that are versatile, fashionable, and comfortable will be key in 2011 and leggings are an easy way in which to build an entire look. As the leggings trend continues the focus will shift to products that flatter a woman’s figure and are fashion forward. In order to pull it off, without looking frumpy, women have caught onto the secret of leg shapers! Bestseller predictions for 2011 will be leg shapers with shapewear built-in to camouflage problem areas. Look for seamless legwear designed with distinct support systems and patented designs that smooth and tone the hips, buttocks and thighs.

Finally, the coming year will challenge brands to set themselves apart by experimenting with different textiles and fabrics that flatter a woman’s figure while complimenting the latest fashions. As buyers for one of the internet’s leading online site of all things shapely, we will certainly be on the lookout for the next ‘it’ thing in shapewear.

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