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Shannon Suetos

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Quantum Learning

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04/08/2011 03:29pm
Quantum Learning Teacher Wins Teacher of the Year

Margaret Malek, a fifth grade teacher at Garrison Elementary, has won Oceanside Unified School District’s Teacher of the Year award. Malek has been practicing Quantum Learning methodologies for 12 years. “Everything I do is Quantum Learning—I eat it, drink it and live it,” says Malek.

“It’s amazing to see different behavior in children; from those who are denying behavior issues, not being responsible for their actions, and not realizing their full potential to children who take ownership, and do the right thing without being asked,” says Malek. Quantum Learning makes this change in attitude for students possible not only for Malek, but all Quantum Learning teachers.

Other Quantum Learning teachers that have won Teacher of the Year for their respective schools are Kelli Myers, a fifth grade teacher for Pearre Creek Elementary school in Tennessee and Abby Farriker, also a fifth grade teacher for Del Mar Hills Academy in San Diego. Malek, Myers and Farriker are only three of many in the Quantum Learning family to win this award.

The 8 Keys of Excellence, a core character component of Quantum Learning, helps take the benefits of QL beyond the classroom, as well. Malek says, “I’m passionate about two things—education and personal development. Quantum Learning touches on both of these for me. Quantum Learning doesn’t just address academic issues, but touches on character, communication and leadership skills.”

Malek is now in the running for San Diego County Teacher of the Year. The winner will be announced October 2011.
Quantum Learning delivers professional development programs for teachers and administrators, as well as student and parent programs. Quantum Learning creates a district culture of student engagement, positive behavior, teaching excellence and student responsibility for learning.

Quantum Learning’s 8 Keys of Excellence equip everyone in the learning community with a common language of character that propels student success. In two decades of collaboration with school districts nationwide, Quantum Learning has trained over 55,000 teachers impacting more than 8.5 million students. More information on Quantum Learning is available at www.QuantumLearning.com.



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