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Denise Cook

Denise L. Cook is taking the world communities by storm. With over twenty-four years certified teaching experience, and fifty-one years of life experiences ranging from child abuse to rape to spousal abuse to motherhood and beyond, Ms. Cook guarantees results. Whatever the subject, she brings a pe...

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05/10/2011 02:08pm
Writing For Positive emotional Health

"Stop Momma, stop. I'm burning up, I'm on Fire". This was to be the title of my first book when I first decided to write it back in 1992. It refers to the episode when my mother had each of my four brothers hold a limb as I lay across her bed, and she proceeded to beat me 'till I urinated and defecated. At that point, she beat me even harder because I had now soiled her bed and linen. I was six or seven years old then.

I said this WAS to have been the title, because, at the onset of writing my first book, I found that title no longer fit. It alluded to a time in my life when pain and torture and constant spirit shaking atrocities were the daily norm for me. It spoke to the past and as I sat to actually begin writing in 2003, I realized I had purged the past. For me the task at hand was not to regurgitate and relive the haunts of my past. I found that a new surge of spirit and energy were flowing from my pen.

Positive, motivational inspirational poetry, prose and song, as I refer to the nature and content of material that make up my two books presently, were the stuff of which I began to share; pen to paper, voice to audience. I found that what I had inside to share with the hearts and minds and spirits of the universe, were the "POSITIVE" outcomes that were due to the bad stuff I had endured.

I realized I was the sum total of all that had occurred the first seventeen years of my life, and the ensuing seven and a half year abusive relationship I found myself in after I left home. I went from the frying pan into the fire. Typical maneuver for someone coming from an abusive family environment.

Writing for positive emotional health was the mainstay for me from the day I put pen to paper. Each word a significant statement on the state of affairs of my life. Even when I wrote about the issues of life; pain and suffering, character, trust, truth, honesty, in the most subtle or overt manner; I found the life of my pen to be that of love and understanding, clarity and hopefulness. It was this influence which led me to begin speaking and sharing my secret for personal "emotional cleansing".

Here is a tip: When next you find yourself lamenting on the negative state of affairs of your life, take pen to paper. Ask yourself what the possible positive outcome would be should you have to suffer whatever it is you are going through? Ask yourself how much stronger will you be for having to "get through" the turmoil or obstacle facing you? Ask yourself how best you would be able to help someone else experiencing the same issues as you and what would be your advice? Write your answers. Find the silver lining, and there always is one, that you can attach to, letting the less than shiny side face outward, keeping the shiny silver side close to you, as a shield against the big bad wolf of life.

Writing your positive responses, yes, they must and should be positive in nature, will help grow you in a different direction; toward peace and serenity. Consider, you are already living the negative aspects, no need to continue to re-write them. Look to the positive outcome that is you. You, alive, you happy with self, you in love with your self, you strong and present. The alternatives could have been much greater; you could no longer exist to have "a bad day".

Grab your pen and paper and write for positive emotional health today. You know you have always wanted to. You now must give yourself permission to do so.


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