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Eden Adele

Eden Adele, The Passion Curator, is the developer of the SatisFillment™ life reinvention technology and the 'Get Back to Passion' retreats. These personal, specific programs of activities were originally created for her personal use. After dealing with several life altering events in rapid fire su...

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05/22/2011 05:48pm
Bringing the 'New' into the 'Now'

There’s a lot of buzz about resolutions. According to the Encarta Dictionary: English (North America), resolution is defined as ‘a firm decision to do something.’ Notice what it doesn’t say. It doesn’t say a firm decision to ‘change’ something, but to ‘do’ something. Traditionally, most take the idea of a resolution to mean change. Without question, there are many things we should all change. I’m certain, if given the opportunity, most of us could roll out the scroll of all the things we would like to change. Not necessarily a bad thing, but is ‘resolution’ the best way to do it?

Change and renewal are terms often used interchangeably. For the sake of clarity, however, a distinction needs to be made here. Change is inevitable. Indeed, it is the only constant in our dynamic, chaotic, miraculous lives. We like to believe that it’s something we can control. To some degree, this is true. The most far-reaching and significant changes, however, happen without our permission or consent. Yesterday, we liked this. Today, we don’t like it anymore. Last year, s/he seemed liked the best idea we’d ever had; this year, not so much. Chicken fettuccini florentine was my favorite dish, live theater my favorite pastime, and aerobics my favorite exercise. Now, none of it tickles my fancy or excites my soul. My time with the fellas was refreshing and invigorating. Now, I leave them feeling more drained than before I saw them. Change, sometimes internal, sometimes not; warning or not; permission or not – it happens – whether we like it or not.

Renewal is a slightly different animal. All renewal is change, but all change is not renewal. Here’s why. Back to the same dictionary, we find renewal defined as ‘giving somebody or something new energy; make something new again.’ Note the difference here. While change can be, and often is, random, self-perpetuating, and beyond our control, renewal is change with a specific purpose or design. Renewal is about bringing the ‘new’ into the ‘now’. Re-new, to make new again; to give new; to receive new; to love new the person you’ve loved before.

Renewal is an act of the will. It is a state of mind that’s open to accepting the possibility that what was before doesn’t have to stay as before. New energy, new love, new strength, new life can be infused into it and it will be new in my now. Just like the same sun has new shine today, my love can find new expressions today. Bringing the new into my now. With these same teeth, I can smile new smiles at new people. Bringing the new into my now. I can see my fellow man and with these same hands give a new handshake and hugs of encouragement just because I’m glad to see him standing there and I acknowledge the privilege of sharing this irreplaceable and unique moment in time and space with him. Bringing the new into my now. I can offer to hug someone today. Maybe I’ll know them, maybe I won’t, but I’ll offer from the overflow of my renewed heart a little of my extra love. Bringing the new into my now.

Change is good. It is foundational, necessary, and momentary. Renewal is dynamic change in progress toward an expected end, which can become a new beginning toward a new expected end. If so, then your life becomes an adventure, an exploration, a mega-journey of discovery that explores the heights, depths, widths, and breadths of how YOU can be new in your now.

Your partner in SatisFillment™,

The Intimacy Officer©


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