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Alexis Stuart

Alexis Stuart is the Credit Whisperer® and is a California licensed real estate broker, mortgage broker, credit coach, and mediator. She is an active member of the California Association of Realtors®, the National Association of Realtors® and a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) licensed through the...

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Credit Whisperer®

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05/29/2011 04:25pm
It takes more than a degree to be hired in your chosen field!

It takes more than a degree to be hired in your chosen field!

by Alexis Stuart
Credit Whisperer®

An excellent credit record is the key!

Parents, think before you pay for your child’s college education. Considering the high cost of college, a degree will not do all it should for your child if he / she has a bad credit record.

Don’t waste your money on college if your child is not willing to build and protect their credit record.

You can use my new book, “CAPITALIZE on CREDIT POWER” as a test.

If your child is not willing to read and follow the program in the book, should you be willing to pay for their college education?

You must have an excellent credit record to get a job. Yes, employers are now running a credit check on applicants. If you have a bad credit record, they may not consider you for the job.

“CAPITALIZE on CREDIT POWER” is the best graduation gift you can give your child.

The information in “CAPITALIZE on CREDIT POWER” is not taught in schools, although it should be a required course.

The book is written like your mother would tell you if she knew! You will want to keep the book as a guide and reference. There are also over 175 non-profit organizations and government links with additional information in the book. You will have access to the updated links on my website.

I have laid out a credit power building plan for the beginner, but it will help anyone.

I eliminate the Catch 22: “If you don’t’ have credit, you can’t get it”
My program eliminates the trial and error years in your credit life.

Why build CREDIT POWER the hard way,
when it’s so easy to follow the program in my book?

You can learn:

How to qualify for a home or car loan
How to become a highly qualified applicant
The best way to manage your bank accounts
What it takes to be pre-approved for a home loan
How to have access to low interest rates by choice
How to become successful using other peoples’ money
How to become a Credit Master and share your knowledge
How to establish CREDIT POWER with your family and friends

There is much, much more in the book.

“CAPITALIZE on CREDIT POWER” might be the most important book your child will ever read. The book only costs a fraction of a college text book and is less than one overlimit fee from your bank.

I think anyone who has CREDIT POWER will benefit their entire life and have advantages not available to a person with mediocre credit or bad credit.

Remember, if you decide to bypass "CAPITALIZE on CREDIT POWER",
your children’s’ friends that get this information may be passing them by!

I guarantee if you follow the program in "CAPITALIZE on CREDIT POWER", you will be more successful and have a less stressful life. This book is the best investment you could make for your child.

I have also started the website www.thinkb4ubuy.com
Where wise decisions are made every day.

We help you prioritize your purchases.
Your children will learn to buy what they need not things they want.


Alexis Stuart, the Credit Whisperer®, is originally from Owensboro, Kentucky. Currently, she lives on the Central Coast of California. In her early career, Alexis was an officer in the following businesses: tenant screening; collection agency; process serving; private in investigation; eviction service; safe and lock sales and service.

Today, Alexis owns Music Biz, a musical instrument store in Santa Rosa, CA;
In House Homes & Loans; Credit Power Lending Group; PowerHouse Commercial; Alexis Stuart Enterprises; all located in Nipomo, CA.

Alexis is a California licensed real estate broker, mortgage broker, credit coach, and mediator. She is an active member of the CAR, NAR and a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) licensed through the National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS).
Author of “CAPITALIZE on CREDIT POWER” and other educational material used by Credit Power Educational Foundation, Inc.

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