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Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Known as the "life bliss swami," Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a young enlightened master of Yoga and meditation who has inspired more than 4 million followers worldwide. He has dedicated his life to helping people overcome mental, physical and spiritual barriers to achieve enlightenment and live lives...

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Michelle Tennant


11/16/2010 05:06pm
Expanding Your Mind to Defy Gravity: The Art and Science of Levitation

What you call ‘mind’ is nothing but a constant flow of thoughts, where each thought is being swiftly replaced by the next. You hardly have any control over what thought is going to enter your mind next because thoughts themselves flow in an illogical, chaotic manner. We often give too much respect to this chaos, basing our whole life on the dictates of the mind. As a consequence, we connect a few thoughts that run through our mind and give profound meanings to them.

For example, if you believe that your whole life has been suffering, you unconsciously collect — and connect — only the painful incidents of your life. This strengthens your belief that life is suffering. You’ve created a ‘pain shaft’ — making an imaginary connection between disconnected painful incidents that gives the impression that life, itself, is painful. The same thing can even occur with joy. You connect all the joyful incidents and start believing that life is nothing but joy. But here’s the thing: Whether you create a pain shaft or a joy shaft, you have to understand that both are not true; these shafts do not exist outside of your imagination.

Thus, there are only two kinds of lives to live — one of thoughts or one of enlightenment. When you learn to disconnect or ‘unclutch’ from thoughts, you will become free of the play of the mind to actually live enlightenment, in the moment and without any preconceived ideas. You will suddenly see that your whole life becomes effortless, attracting new and different situations, people and incidents. Only when you begin to live enlightenment and expand psychologically to unclutch from your thoughts, will you be able to experience levitation.

An unbounded benefit of enlightenment, levitation is a powerful yoga technique for balancing samana — one of the five major energies circulating in our bodies — and happens as a result of the energy alchemy between master and disciple. As an enlightened master, I’m able to teach the simple process of healing and balancing my students’ samana to allow extraordinary yogic powers (ashta maha siddhis) to express themselves in their bodies.

Students may experience anima, a feeling of lightness of the body; or laghima, a very heavy feeling. Some students may experience a feeling of great expansion, mahima; or they may experience a feeling of shrunkeness referred to as garima in the ashta maha siddhis. No matter which yogic power the student is experiencing, in every instance, each has allowed himself or herself to unclutch from their thoughts to live enlightenment. Just like you should be doing now.

Reading this you may be thinking levitation is not possible. But this is your thought — your mind at work — and not necessarily truth. What you think may hold you back from what’s possible, though the truth will never restrict.

But we can never know the truth until we experience it. This is especially true when it comes to levitation. See, when you levitate you are essentially defying the massive gravitational force of the Earth. You are allowing yourself to expand psychologically. This can tremendously affect your health, wealth, relationships and consciousness. You are no longer firmly rooted to the ground, but now one with the universe. You are now positioned to live an emotionally balanced life, free of conflict and past traumas, with all the energy and creativity you need to fulfill your desires.

Most importantly, living a life of enlightenment will fuse the connection between you and the ‘Whole’ because the truth is, there is nothing such as a separate, individual identity. Our emotions also affect others without our having to say a word.

As you go deeper, you will find that you are increasingly connected to the collective consciousness. At the deepest level of being, you are just part of the one Whole. All the suffering you experience, whether it is physical pain or mental suffering or spiritual bondage, is born only out of the idea of being a separate being. Once you become aware that you are part of the col


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