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Karen Whittier

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Health & Fitness, Hot New Products


Embrace Activism

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In short:
Founder and Chief Activist for the online business Embrace Activism.
Committed and passionate about improving health and wellness.
Creator of purpose-driven yoga.

After participating in several breast cancer fundraising events, my twin passions of fighting breast cancer and a commitment to health and wellness via yoga were joined in Embrace Activism.

Embrace Activism promotes health and wellness for all by combining online sales of yoga products with consumer-directed, charitable giving. In this way yoga practitioners not only realize the benefits from yoga with their own practice, but in using Embrace Activism products, those benefits are extended beyond the practitioner, making a difference in the health and wellness of others. Yoga products come in color lines associated with awareness colors; 10% of product price donated to charity.

Yoga is commonly described as a journey and that would describe my experience; a roundabout journey with several tangential paths interspersed.

My formal education was as an engineer. I think an engineering background lends itself to a variety of career options. Engineers are problem-solvers and out-of-the-box thinkers, two skills valuable in any profession.

I've always enjoyed teaching and had the opportunity to co-found/teach preschool on a farm. Being able to share in the sheer joy of learning and life that is the outlook of a young child is a gift I treasure. The future belongs to the children. I believe children have the best chance for future success in a loving home with involved and interested parents. And if it truly takes a village to raise a child, then it's the females in families--the mothers, daughters, and sisters--that keep extended family members connected. As far as I see it, the health of women directly impacts the health and well-being of children. Therefore, the first color line for Embrace Activism is pink; pink being the awareness color for breast cancer.

Though I originally wanted to make an impact in the fight against breast cancer, I soon realized the same principle could be applied for other diseases. More color lines will be added as soon as possible.

I want people to feel empowered...improving their health and making in a difference in another's health as well.


yoga, making a difference, charities, fundraising

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