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Karen Whittier

In short: Founder and Chief Activist for the online business Embrace Activism. Committed and passionate about improving health and wellness. Creator of purpose-driven yoga. After participating in several breast cancer fundraising events, my twin passions of fighting breast cancer and a commi...

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Embrace Activism

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02/24/2011 05:38pm
Embrace Activism Joins the Revolution

Power to the people! People have the power…the power to be healthy. The top two preventable causes of death are smoking and obesity. By making an active decision to steer clear of tobacco in all its forms and embracing the mantra “calories in = calories out” for weight management, the numbers of individuals developing cancers and chronic diseases would dramatically drop. With the drop in those numbers, the quality of life and productivity increases. Everyone would be for that right?

In theory yes, everyone is for that. But in practice it’s much more difficult. There is no quick fix for habits that have developed and patterns of behavior that play out on a subconscious level. It takes an active participation and a commitment to the cause. It takes a willingness to be uncomfortable and struggle; a determination to see it through to the end. The alternative—cancer, heart disease, diabetes – will be uncomfortable, a struggle and bring an end….to you. It does take individual grit, but surrounding yourself with a support system will bolster your chances for success.

The LVN 2B WELL Initiative is a wellness program designed to support the belief that health and wellness should be viewed as a way of life...not something that can be attained or, more importantly, sustained by a current fad in either diet or exercise. With input from experts in health-related fields, the LVN 2B WELL Initiative is set to launch a health and wellness revolution. “LVN 2B WELL provides a support system through a team of experts in the health and wellness industry that will focus on ways to help you stay healthy each day, every day.” The revolution is set to begin March 26th in St Louis with a Wellness Lounge and continues with a Wellness Week March 26th – April 1st. Check the website for up-to-date information www.lvn2bwell.com.

Embrace Activism has joined this revolution. Embrace Activism fosters individual health and wellness through its yoga products. Yoga has been shown to cause positive changes in mind, body and spirit. Embrace Activism also enables yoga practitioners to transform their practice into purpose-driven yoga. Consumers are given the opportunity to choose from a charity list indicating where they’d like the 10% of their purchase to be directed. Products come in awareness color lines; pink, representing breast cancer, is the first color line. Heart disease and stroke affects more people in the US than any other condition. Red is the awareness color for heart disease and stroke and will be the second color line for Embrace Activism. Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportion and is a cause of concern especially in children. If the trend continues, the personal and financial tolls diabetes causes will sky-rocket. Grey is the diabetes’ awareness color and will be Embrace Activism’s the third color line. Consumers are free to choose from any of the charities listed, not just the ones corresponding to the color line of their purchase. ‘Retiring’ a color is Embrace Activism’s ultimate goal; signifying victory over disease.

Ahimsa is a yoga principle that governs conduct and basically means causing no harm. This principle comes up in various religions/cultures and is, essentially, The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done to you. Embrace Activism embodies this guiding principle in offering an exceptional yoga experience supporting the health and wellness benefits a consistent practice will impart and contributing to efforts to improve the health and wellness of others. LVN 2B WELL also values making a difference with Got Your Back Network their charity partner.

Let Embrace Activism and LVN 2B WELL empower you...creating a healthy life for you and giving others the opportunity to have a healthy life.

Health, Wellness & CURES!!
Karen Whittier RYT
Chief Activist


health, wellness, activism, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, yoga
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