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Michael Trigg

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Arts & Entertainment, Family


You N Me Productions Corp

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Greanwold and a bunch of his Minosaur* friends from another world and another time are discovered in a state of suspended animation by 8 year old adventurer and seeker of treasures, Keegan Clark. Once Greanwold becomes adjusted to his new home, he discovers Planet Earth is on an environmental downward spiral and becomes determined to educate kids in “ environosauring”, Minosaur for greening and preserving.

The Minosaurs world was destroyed and Greanwold wants to ensure Earth does not suffer the same fate. He takes it upon himself to become the green leader of children everywhere.

In the meantime, he has to battle the vengeful wrath of the Minosaurs arch nemesis, Moa Constructor, a creature as evil as the Minosaurs are kind. An earthly bad guy, Reywal teams up with Moa D’Constructor to capture Greanwold and to track down and capture the other Minosaurs who have flown off to various parts of the world and their own adventures. Keegan and his human friends join forces with the Minosaurs to save the planet from the forces of evil and greed.


children, kids, family entertainment

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