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Michael Trigg

Greanwold and a bunch of his Minosaur* friends from another world and another time are discovered in a state of suspended animation by 8 year old adventurer and seeker of treasures, Keegan Clark. Once Greanwold becomes adjusted to his new home, he discovers Planet Earth is on an environmental downwa...

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12/21/2010 09:03pm
Greanwold's World now Online

Greanwold Interactive Inc, a British Columbia, Canada company is pleased to announce the next version of Greanwold's World is now online.

The website, created for children five to eleven years of age, is offerring an array of free games, free downloads and a free book entitled The Minosaur Book of Secrets for Kids. Additionally, children can go online and enter to win a free limited edition Greanwold t-shirt at greanwold.com.

The character Greanwold is based on the story of 8 year old adventurer and seeker of treasures, KEEGAN CLARK, who is guided to a very special and magical spot by a mysterious store owner, MR. SHAMA an erstwhile potter of strange objects and a wizard.

Unknown to Keegan, the town “bad guy”, REYWAL DE’KOORC and his unfaithful robot assistant DATSLOB spy upon him. Having found the fateful spot, Keegan accidentally releases 7 MINOSAURS and the vengeful wrath of their arch nemesis, MOA D’CONSTRICTOR, a creature as evil as the Minosaurs are kind.

Reywal teams up with Moa D’Constrictor to capture the GREAT HARMONIC, a device that can used to time travel. As the other 6 Minosaurs fly off for other adventures, Keegan is saved from certain death by the morphing Minosaur, GREANWOLD. After a night in hospital recovering from his ordeal, Keegan introduces his new friend to his older brother and sister CODY and JACKIE and their friends PARKER and LISA. The five kids embrace Greanwold and join up with him as the HST Gang to save the Minosaurs from an untimely fate.

Greanwold's World provides links to Greanwold's first video on YouTube.

There are also links to Greanwold's blog: greanwold.tumblr.com/ and Greanwold on Twitter twitter.com/Greanwold. The backend of the website provides an online store where a small selection of Greanwold products can be purchased. The online store products will be expanded as the website grows said CEO Michael Trigg.

"Greanwold is a unique character" Michael said. "He has a "greeny" aspect to him and he is also a great supporter of childrens rights and for this reason there is a foundation created after his name; The Greanwold Foundation for Kids Worldwide".

Greanwold Interactive Inc has teamed up with Media Kitchen Entertainment of New York who is handling the world-wide marketing of the Greanwold brand. All enquiries with regard to licensing and merchandising opportunities should be directed to Robert Montgomery at phone number: 1 888 903-1117

"There are fantastic licensing opportunities with the Greanwold brand" said Montgomery. "Toy and game companies are advised to enquire about licensing opportunities, sooner rather than later.

All other inquiries should be directed to Michael Trigg at mtrigg@younmeproductions.com

Greanwold Interactive Inc is in the business of development and design of children’s entertainment products, animation and websites


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