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Tom Holm

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Automotive, Environment


EcoTrek Foundation

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General Motors calls EcoTrek founder, Tom Holm, “a champion of the automotive industry who is awakening mankind to alternatives in living and new methods to preserve our natural resources.” Mitsubishi Motors adds, “(Holm is) setting the highest standards of innovation and achievement.” While German auto news dubs Holm simply, “das Eco-Pimper.” Fuel made from farm waste diverted from land-fills is heading to gas stations throughout America. But first, Tom Holm, Executive Director of the non-profit EcoTrek Foundation, tests the viability of this revolutionary biofuel during his 10,000-mile “Best of America” Tour. Holm's 23 city cross country journey to reclaim America’s fuel independence, while helping ecological projects along the way. Holm’s “First-Ever” use of Cellulosic Ethanol (“CE”) introduces Americans to a fuel made from corn husks, cobs, stalks and other farm waste that can be used in millions of Flex Fuel vehicles today. Soon, billions of tons of additional organic materials will be diverted from, or harvested at “trash dumps” to fuel American vehicles. EcoTrek is a non-profit that provides educational programs promoting the use of renewable fuels and materials in the transportation industries. The Cellulosic Ethanol used in the EcoTrek Tour is produced by Poet www.poet.com. For additional information, contact B/PR, 602.404.8018 or visit the website, www.ecotrek.com.


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