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RezBuzz™ is the "World’s first Employment Search Video Network” (ESVN) and is helping individuals, companies and recruiters differentiate themselves with the power of video resumes and profiles. Connecting the right people with the right organizations through our comprehensive search tools.

RezBuzz™ is revolutionizing the recruitment industry by being the first business networking site where an employer can search for candidates and the candidate can search for employers with the unique feature of connecting through video resumes and corporate videoshorts. We are the new resource for jobseekers to differentiate themselves ... and an amazing community to network and create business connections through forums, blogs and our RezBuzz chat room.

Recruiters and HR in past years would not use video resumes due to technology drawbacks of video buffering etc, and lack of standardization- however, RezBuzz has addressed those issues with its standardized format, and flash technology that allows anyone to easliy view it. Rezbuzz is also the first to deliver a professional video offering nationwide - with crews in more than 100 cities. And RezBuzz gives recruitment experts a professional environment to view, save and store their favorite video resumes. Best of all, it makes the recruitment firm or employer look leading edge, and it streamlines the process saving time and money!

RezBuzz™ is a dynamic and unique way to do video business networking with professional video resumes and profiles. This is why RezBuzz is for everyone. Whether you are looking for a job, or just wanting to network as a means of growing your business, as an executive to provide an online video presence, or as a company who benefits from online video branding. RezBuzz is the new way of doing your business networking in the digital world. And the video component makes it distinctive, cutting edge and interactive.


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