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01/17/2011 04:04pm
Rezbuzz Announces a Strategic Alliance with World Language Communications

Online Job Searches for Translators Gets Easier with Exclusive Online Video Resumes

January 10, 2011 – Los Angeles, Calif – Rezbuzz announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with World Language Communications, a leading provider of translation and interpretation services. With over 2,500 translators and interpreters, WLC provides full service translation and on-site interpreters in over 150 languages.

Jason Gurvitz, CEO of WLC, says “I believe the combination of video and multi languages will offer both Rezbuzz and WLC clients an incredible advantage for projects and their overall business strategies.”

Rezbuzz is the fast growing business networking community where an employer can search for candidates (including translators), and the candidate can search for employers, with the unique feature of connecting through video resumes and corporate video shorts.

“As companies expand worldwide, they are seeking out the best talent”, says Rezbuzz CEO Mark Sadovnick. “We are excited about this opportunity with WLC, to give their quality translators the resources to connect more effectively with companies for projects internationally, using our live video engagement platform.”

In addition to providing their customized video resumes and profiles for the entire WLC translator and client database, Rezbuzz will host exclusive WLC webinars for clients and translators focusing on translation technology, translation job searches, best practice for translators and interpreters, as well as highly specialized sessions with experts in countless industries affected by the world of translation. Additionally, through the partnership with Rezbuzz, WLC will now be able to offer customized videos for all their corporate clients, in any language and dialect, anywhere in the world.

Rezbuzz COO Catherine Gray was also enthusiastic. “To partner with WLC, offering clients high caliber translation and customized videos to market their businesses on Rezbuzz and other ‘social media’, is a tremendous opportunity to connect people, products and services worldwide.”

About Rez Buzz
Rezbuzz creates, distributes and hosts online content utilizing social media, video services and conversion tools to increase an individual or business online visibility to promote business or professional growth. Individuals gain the advantage of differentiating themselves over their career life, from job search to business development. Companies set themselves apart in their innovative recruitment and branding of their people, products and services, impacting their results. Rezbuzz makes business personal.
Visit www.Rezbuzz.com or contact Sara Chung at 877-746-9001,for more information.

About World Language Communications

World Language Communications is an international language service provider serving blue chip companies, governments, clinics, hospitals, law firms, media companies, institutions, and associations around the world. WLC provides a full range of services including translation, interpretation, subtitling and voiceovers, multicultural consultation, website localization, desktop publishing, deposition services, conference interpreting and much more.
Visit http://www.worldlanguagecommunications.com for more information.


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