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Miguel Vasquez

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Accounting/Finance, Business & Finance, Business Performance, Education, Non-Profit, Personal Finance, Personal/Business Coaching


California Foundation Fund

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Miguel Vasquez | CEO and Chairman | California Foundation Fund | www.cafoundationfund.org

Miguel is the former vice president at HSBC bank USA, vice chairman of the San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and board member to Inter American College, La Cuna foster care, and LRL Scholarship Foundation. His background in financial services ranges from retail bank management to international trade management. His client base included the most underserved communities and the most affluent. Miguel has managed one of the largest banking centers and technology companies. Miguel has worked for both large and small start up companies such as Honeywell International, Cox Communications, ADP, Union Bank, HSBC, and Raytel.

His work both domestically and internationally has provided him with a world perspective and the ability to analyze the inner workings of most organizations. These leading strengths greatly contribute to his success and those whom he has mentored. Miguel has counseled countless small business owners to helped them grow, invest and succeed. Miguel offers a unique ability to understand those circumstances and motivations that influence the behaviors of others. His knowledge of key centers of influence, constituents, and resources enables him to anticipate the trends of markets locally and worldwide.

In his sixteen years of experience, he has been directly involved in the strategic development, research, marketing, sales, and management of complex technical services. Miguel's natural abilities and communication skills, contributes to the beneficial transfer of knowledge and education of his audience. Through team efforts and his personal strengths, Miguel has achieved millions in corporate profits while making a real difference in the communities he serves. His most recent work in financial education embodies his desire to contribute and make a difference.

Today, Miguel is the CEO and Chairperson for the California Foundation Fund (CAFF), an independent non-profit corporation who's mission is to break the cycle of poverty and the financial stresses that devastate the State’s low-income population. Through technical support services, CAFF provides financial educators the tools and benchmarks required to deliver successful personal and small business initiatives. CAFF's directive is to help improve the methods in which financial education is developed and implemented. CAFF foster collaborative relationships between communities and financial education institutions to improve participants financial lives.

Miguel leads a team of executives in educational management, behavioral science, research, and financial industries who develop, execute and evaluate a narrow set of high impact and replicable programs within culturally similar communities. Miguel is available to share his expertise for those who require help to understand, organize, create, implement, gauge, and regulate successful implementation of:

Financial Literacy | Educating and empowering for self-sufficiency
Basic financial education | Public education void of standards
Asset building services | Credit underwriting, mysteries revealed
Credit management education | Types of credit that will help, not hurt, the market
Home ownership counseling | Housing as a means to freedom and democracy
Tax consulting | Tax preparers are now in the business of lending
Check Cashing | Businesses that serve the un-bankable
Small business mentorship | Unselfish mentorship makes business sense
Small business support services | Resources for small businesses at every stage
Personal micro-lending development | Small money that banks avoid
International Banking | The accumulation of many that make up global banking
Anti Money Laundering | The global net that catches mostly domestic tax cheats
Mobile Technology | Faster, smarter, smaller, voice recognition solves the digital divide

You may contact Miguel Directly at 619-206-6767.

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374 East H Street

PMB A133

Chula Vista



United States


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