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Miguel Vasquez

Miguel Vasquez | CEO and Chairman | California Foundation Fund | www.cafoundationfund.org Miguel is the former vice president at HSBC bank USA, vice chairman of the San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and board member to Inter American College, La Cuna foster care, and LRL Scholarship Foun...

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California Foundation Fund

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01/26/2011 08:27pm
California Foundation Fund (CAFF) online directory helps bankers send clients to school

California Foundation Fund (CAFF) online directory helps bankers send clients to school.

Too often bank tellers are asked by clients to help them find where their money went. Bankers spend hours researching and explaining bank statements. Bank clients are embarrassed and reminded how little time they have spent managing their affairs.

There are few times that banks will admit they made a mistake. If they do, trying to avoid fees will cost customers time or worse, derogatory credit. Much of this can be avoided if bank consumers had a resource to learn more about financial services.

Today many consumers are learning how to avoid unnecessary fees and improve their wealth through financial literacy classes. These classes are provided for free at various community centers around town. Besides avoiding fees, there are many benefits to financial literacy workshops.

Benefits of attending a personal financial workshop:

learn how to plan and manage expenses
increase your take home income
reduce or eliminate bank fees
eliminate check cashing fees
understand the banks work for you
understand how to save and make money grow
get tips on tax savings and tax credits
learn how to get the right loan at a minimal cost
learn how to get rid of debt
plan how to retire sooner
learn how to invest wisely
learn how insurance can make you money

Bankers need a source to refer clients that need and want an education on money management. As of today, CAFF has posted a monitored open directory for NGO's, banks, colleges, and educational agencies to list their financial literacy workshops. This public directory is available for anyone to search for financial education courses in their community. The site can be views at: http://cafoundationfund.org/resources/directory

Benefits of listing your company's site:

improves search engine listing to your site
lists Google ranking on each submitted link
increases your organization’s presence
allows attendees to find your services
helps supporters find your site

The California Foundation Fund ensures that the sites listed are not unscrupulous or attempting to sell products or services to attendees. All of the sites listed are visited by CAFF staff and monitored for consistency. In many cases CAFF helps these institutions with curriculum and educational support. Some sites have even entered into the CAFF Accreditation Program to co-develop customized audience specific curriculum and attendee implementation result research. Bankers can unbiasedly and without reservations refer clients to this site and send them to school.

About California Foundation Fund

CAFF is a non-profit corporation who's mission is to break the cycle of poverty and the financial stresses that devastate our State’s low-income population. Through technical support services, CAFF provides financial educators the tools and benchmarks required to deliver successful personal and small business initiatives. CAFF's directive is to help improve the methods in which financial education is developed and implemented. CAFF foster collaborative relationships between communities and financial education institutions to improve participants financial lives.

CAFF has a team of executives in educational management, behavioral science, research, and financial industries who develop, execute and evaluate a narrow set of high impact and replicable programs within culturally similar communities.

CAFF programs helps organizations create, determine, gauge, and regulate successful implementation of:

Financial Literacy
Basic financial education
Asset building services
Credit management education
Home ownership counseling
Tax consulting
Small business mentorship
Small business support services
Personal micro-lending development

These programs often assist residents of lower-income neighborhoods to build wealth and participate in the American financial system. Implemented successfully, these steps help break the cycle of generational poverty. At the same time, financia


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