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Carol Fenster

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Arts & Entertainment, Education, Family, Holiday, Parenting


Baby Abuelita Productions

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I am CEO and co-founder of Baby Abuelita Productions LLC. We are a certified majority woman owned company that launched in 2005 with a line of singing dolls, electronic books and animated DVD's that highlight the iconic role of grandparents in preserving Hispanic musical culture, heritage and traditions. A psychotherapist by training, with no experience in the toy industry, I assembled an expert team of creatives and business people and within the first 18 months of our start, our dolls were picked up by Walmart, Target and Toys R Us. Today,our expanding line can be found in those mass market retailers as well as in a growing international market. While originally conceived for the pre-school market, our dolls and animated content enchant young and old alike and position the company at the nexus of the two fastest growing markets in the U.S., Hispanics and Seniors. Plans for growth include expansion into multiple categories with a variety of ethnic versions of the dolls so everyone has an opportunity to have the "Baby Abuelita Experience".


toys, dolls, animated dvds, bilingual education, hispanic market, grandparents, abuelitos, mothers day, fathers day

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