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Ivijan-Stefan Stipic

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Book Writing & Publishing , Business & Finance, Communication, Design, Design/Architect, Development, Education, Science, Technology



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My name is Ivijan-Stefan I'm a professional web developer, coder and designer with many years of experience. Since 2003 I dealing with the internet technologies. All my skilIs are: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, SVG, Javascript, AJAX and jQuery. I also do graphic web design and photomontage.

Over the years I developed various modular, fully dynamic, SEO optimized CMS systems for web shops, social networks, blogs, forums, plugins, themplates and specifically for the needs of companies and enterprises with advanced administration for the entire system.

One of these systems is PitchRate.com and OnlinePressKit247.com for which I am very proud who are one of my most advanced softwares.

In addition to programming, I educating young people - the future developers and designers. I'm trying to convey my experience to younger generations to be able to follow technology, development and internet marketing. I try to give them opportunities to get a job in IT sector or to become independent entrepreneurs or freelancers. You need any help in this business and you succeed only if you have a good mentor and teacher.

As technical and responsible person, along with my work, I deal with Internet security and the protection of internet users and personal data. My systems evolve to a high level of security and I provide informations and support about "How to protect your own systems".

It is very easy to get in touch with me, you just need to send message.


software, development, coding, php, mysql, html, css, jquery, javascript, cms education, teaching

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