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Ivijan-Stefan Stipic

My name is Ivijan-Stefan I'm a professional web developer, coder and designer with many years of experience. Since 2003 I dealing with the internet technologies. All my skilIs are: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, SVG, Javascript, AJAX and jQuery. I also do graphic web design and photomontage. Over the y...

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11/23/2015 11:05am
The Process of Developing

This is one of my brainstorming when I teach my younger colleagues.
Sometimes it is enough just an idea to does something well. In that case, time is the only investment. Later this idea bring some money, and if you're smart, you will investment in a new idea. It is a harsh reality. Just need to be persistent and success will come by itself.

How to Get an idea?

Well... The only inexhaustible energy source in any person on Earth is exactly the idea. The only question is when will that idea be "cooked" and realized.

How to realized your idea?

Just DO IT! Start to work, HARD work on your idea. Many will try to make you hitch. Some because jealousy, some because of ignorance. Some will want to steal your idea. Therefore, do not share your idea with others or choose only people in whom you 100% believe. Help can be a necessary but not always necessary.

What if the idea is not good?

Consider why? What can you change? What add or remove? If you are not really good or is unattainable solution, changing the idea or find a new one. That's easy.


I do not have money or time for my idea.

It's just an illusion. A person who is persistent always finds a way. Money is often needed, but it is not. Money is imaginary way to gain something. Money was invented by the bank to keep you under control. Use your imagination and perseverance to reach the necessary elements for implementation of your idea. Today's the greatest inventions are created in rooms and garages a poor peoples. And time is your investment and you manage with your time.

Because of that, you should NOT GIVE UP from your idea! Just DO IT!


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