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Royce Morales

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All Things Green, Arts & Entertainment, Arts, Crafts & Writing, Authors, Communication, Environment, Gifts, Health & Fitness, Love & Relationships, Medical/Health professional, Mental Health/Psychology, Personal/Business Coaching, Religion/Spirituality


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After years of frustration attending dozens of personal development courses that claimed all kinds of improvements that didn’t “stick,” I created a spiritually-based, inner-awareness course called "Perfect Life Awakening."

By trusting information that began arriving intuitively, I discovered powerful ways to permanently transform lives, helping people break through subconscious, self-sabotaging false programmed beliefs. Classes that were originally held in my living room, quickly expanded to form a spiritual center in Southern California.

This core inner work helps people recognize who they really are, opens pathways to live joyously, and to feel fully deserving to manifest their unique soul purpose.

I've been teaching my trailblazing, effective, inner development courses to small groups and individuals for four decades. It is now available as an e-course.

I'm also a free-lance writer specializing in creative copy and ghost writing, marketing and PR services for indie business and individuals.


freelance writing, mind body healing, personal growth, inner development, personal coach, ghost writing, marketing, small business, transformation, communication

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