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Royce Morales

After years of frustration attending dozens of personal development courses that claimed all kinds of improvements that didn’t “stick,” I created a spiritually-based, inner-awareness course called "Perfect Life Awakening." By trusting information that began arriving intuitively, I discove...

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09/18/2015 06:44pm
Pregnancy: Not Just a Nine Month Stint Anymore

Besides painting the spare bedroom pink or blue and worrying about the cost of college education in eighteen years, no woman should overlook the most important consideration of all: Getting her body to become a healthy environment for making a baby prior to conception.
According to current medical research, of vital concern to any woman considering getting pregnant should be detoxifying her baby’s first home: The womb.
We’ve all heard the importance of avoiding risky situations during pregnancy. But, living on a polluted planet, we ingest thousands of toxins. As they build up, health gets affected in incalculable ways. The good news is, the human body is a remarkable machine, with natural corrective mechanisms to detoxify and heal limited exposure to contaminants.
However, once overloaded, the body has no choice but to store them -- in fat cells, muscles and organs.
Of great concern is what’s showing up in the umbilical cord, the baby’s direct lifeline. Recent studies show as many as 240 hazardous chemicals stored and going directly to baby, confirming a correlation to birth defects and the skyrocketing rates of autism and ADHD. As the baby grows up, these chemicals could source to numerous health issues including asthma, neuro-degenerative diseases and cancer.
To give future mothers healthy bodies to grow healthy babies, things need to start right from conception.
"What’s proven for the cure works for prevention,” according to Dr. Zayd Ratansi, doctor of naturopathy, hormonal therapist and world renowned hyperbaric oxygen specialist. He set up an individualized, supervised protocol at Living Longer Medical Resort in Desert Hot Springs, CA that is dramatically helping women not only conceive healthy babies, but conceive when fertility was an issue. “We utlize pre-conception cleansing protocol that works synergistically with IVF treatments," he explains. This helps detoxify, energize and regenerate reproductive systems in both parents, giving hope to a new generation of healthy, vital babies.


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