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Sachiko T. Nuila

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Arts & Entertainment, Business & Finance, Business Performance, Communication, Development, General, Non-Profit, Personal/Business Coaching


Nuila Events, LLC

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If you can name the celebrity, Sachiko has likely worked with him or her in some capacity. As a Communications, Entertainment Studies student at Cal State Fullerton, she fell in love with the wonderful world of events and got her start backstage at many of Hollywood's major award shows.

From there, Sachiko went on to work for two established companies, championing their in-house Training & Development programs and events through a variety of different techniques: lectures, workshops, brainstorming sessions, games, presentation skills, etc… She has also made several training video courses on various Sales & Development topics. As a skilled instructor, Sachiko had to understand how to train and appeal to each level of employee, including executives, in order to be effective at engaging her audience.

Now that Sachiko has branched out on her own, she involves herself with projects that meet and fulfill important needs in the community. She is a volunteer with the OC division of Habitat for Humanity, mentors several high school aged teens and started a group for OC Young Entrepreneurs where she has a vision to help entrepreneurial-minded young adults grow the skills and knowledge needed to run successful businesses.

Through her in-depth understanding of communication skills and her background in training and development, Sachiko brings a unique perspective to the Event Industry. She has insight that goes deeper than hotel contracts & vendor coordination, she truly understands how to engage an audience.

Nuila Events, LLC was born out of a desire to serve the community and serve small businesses through the power of meeting face-to-face. Sachiko's experience with a myriad of event platforms makes her a formidable leader and resource as Nuila Events, LLC grows.


Meetings, Conferences, Conventions Events, Strategy, Entertainment, Young Entrepreneurs, Corporate, Association, Nonprofit,

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