Pitchrate | Sachiko Nuila says the #1 Business Growth Accelerator is the REAL DEAL

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Sachiko T. Nuila

If you can name the celebrity, Sachiko has likely worked with him or her in some capacity. As a Communications, Entertainment Studies student at Cal State Fullerton, she fell in love with the wonderful world of events and got her start backstage at many of Hollywood's major award shows. From ther...

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Nuila Events, LLC

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10/03/2016 02:40pm
Sachiko Nuila says the #1 Business Growth Accelerator is the REAL DEAL

After a week of non-stop education, meetings and networking, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely exhausted. That being said, I'd also be lying if I said I wouldn't gladly do it all over again tomorrow if I could! Having always considered myself a master connecter, growing my business from the ground up solely through networking and referrals, it was mind-blowing to feel like I was in a room of people who truly loved to connect, build each other up and folks that can out-network even me.

Forbes listed CEO Space as the "#1 'Can't Miss' Conference for Entrepreneurs in 2016" and I can see why! With a heavy focus on mentorship, training and building family, CEO Space truly delivers on the promise of accelerated growth! I have dozens of real world contacts to follow up on that will directly benefit my business. Some of the connections are indirect benefits - such as potential mentors or referral partners - however, most are warm prospects that business owners have referred to me as possible clients and revenue opportunities.

More than all of this, I am truly grateful that I now know of a place to call home, a place to go when I need inspiration, accountability and help. And, most importantly, a place to give back as I achieve my dreams. Thank you CEO Space - I look forward to the next conference!

- Sachiko T. Nuila, Nuila Events, LLC


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