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Tam Harris

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All Things Green, Environment, Health & Fitness, Hot New Products, Lifestyles



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Being a Executive Chef traveling around Europe, Asia and the United States for the past 12 years and a vegan for 5 years, I get inspired when food is the purest form of itself like a beautiful heirloom tomato in the summer or a strawberry from a farmer’s market in July tastes exactly as a strawberry should.

I know that vegan food can be mind-blowing when done with skill, creativity, and love, so that is what I’ve come to show you how we make our vegan food taste so good. I make everything from scratch and what all those restaurants shared was a respect of making food yourself from natural ingredients, of valuing the flavor, texture, and nutrition of handmade food.

What kind of Vegan are you? Just starting? a veteren? or maybe one who has been a vegan thier whole life? Im always looking for tips from the Pureveganlife community. Id love to hear from you!


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