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Tam Harris

Being a Executive Chef traveling around Europe, Asia and the United States for the past 12 years and a vegan for 5 years, I get inspired when food is the purest form of itself like a beautiful heirloom tomato in the summer or a strawberry from a farmer’s market in July tastes exactly as a strawber...

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02/27/2019 05:01pm
Vegan Boots Footwear For An Ethical Lifestyle

Cruelty free vegan footwear for an ethical lifestyle

One of the biggest contributors to animal cruelty is the leather business. Leather boots and shoes are a very commonly sold item. However, with carefully designed vegan hiking boots and other excellent vegan replacements, it is possible to look extremely dashing without unethical products. The vegan evolution has constantly focused on creating ethical substitutes so that the rest of the world can embrace veganism with little to no sacrifice.

Stylish Vegan Hiking Boots for Men


Being able to wear combat boots and other footwear items is not something vegans have to sacrifice anymore. There are no so many options among vegan boots (mens)that there is no need to give up style. Hiking boots have to be extremely durable and sturdy so that you have a sturdy grip. Men’s vegan hiking boots use strong fiber based elements blended with rubber to produce high quality vegan hiking boots. These ensure that you will have boots that stand the test of time and the test of the trail you are walking.

Vegan Waterproof Hiking Boots


Looking to hike through a wet and muddy trail? Made with ethical methods, rubber and fiber substitutes, you can trust vegan waterproof hiking boots to take you the distance. They will serve you well as you trudge through rivers and walk through marshy areas. They are made to be extremely durable and will not let in any water or more importantly any leeches when you are trekking. You can find vegan boots men’s and women’s online. Make sure you have a look through what makes them vegan. They should not have any leather or any products that are animal tested.

Boots for the snow? Vegan Snow Boots have you covered!


The best snow boots are made from heavy fiber based materials. Rubber is also a great insulator. These vegan substitute products ensure that you will get the best vegan snow boots women’s and mens for those cold winter months. The boots are also designed to help you walk through the snow without much difficulty like snow shoes are meant to do. Vegan snow boots women’s come in a variety of cruelty free designs and colors. You don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style with the fantastic options available in vegan snow boots.

Don’t wear unethical boots ever again!

These intelligently designed vegan boots mean you won’t have to go unprotected on long treks and hikes again. Vegan hiking boots are extremely durable and will last for a long time, depending on your usage of course. Modern boots are usually closer to being vegan than their predecessors. This is because the use of fiber, rubber and synthetic materials has made things like animal hide and fur obsolete. Boots are pretty much one of the easiest things to turn vegan. Vegan boot brands give you a certification that what you put on your feet is ethical, but even brands like Adidas and Nike have shoes that pass the vegan test.


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