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Don Barnhart

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Don Barnhart Entertainment

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Direct from his own show in Las Vegas, Award-Winning Comedian, Second City Conservatory Alumni and Certified Hypnotist Don Barnhart has combined his comedy, improv and hypnosis skills to create the most unique, interactive and funniest comedy hypnosis show in the world.

Barnhart is the only comedy hypnotist that is also an award-winning stand up comedian who continues to headline the top comedy clubs, colleges, cruise ships and corporate events across the country. Hypnosis Monthly Magazine wrote, “Don Barnhart Is America’s Funniest Comedy Hypnotist”

The Don Barnhart Comedy Hypnosis Show is packing venues and turning people away as his show is setting record attendance numbers across the country. Barnhart is fast becoming the most requested act in these venues earning him the distinct title of, “America’s #1 Comedy Hypnotist”.

Nominated 3 years in a row as “Best Comedy Hypnosis Show” in Las Vegas, Barnhart’s show contains side-splitting comedy while simultaneously unlocking the unique mysteries of the human mind in a show both equally entertaining and empowering that will keep your audience howling with laughter and coming back for more. Your guest will be talking about the show for years to come. Barnhart is also a keynote speaker with a series of self-improvement seminars and is both certified and insured.


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