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Don Barnhart

Direct from his own show in Las Vegas, Award-Winning Comedian, Second City Conservatory Alumni and Certified Hypnotist Don Barnhart has combined his comedy, improv and hypnosis skills to create the most unique, interactive and funniest comedy hypnosis show in the world. Barnhart is the only come...

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05/11/2011 12:40pm
WARNING: Do not use the CD’s unless you are ready to change your life.

For over 25 years I’ve successfully used the techniques of self hypnosis to tap into the creative and unlimited powers of the subconscious mind to change my own personal addictions, bad habits, and negative thoughts patterns and rewrite my inner dialogue to live a healthier, successful and more rewarding life.

I suggest using these CD’s before you go to bed or anytime you have 30-40 minutes of quite time that you can close your eyes and focus on yourself. If you find yourself falling asleep while listening to them, that’s ok. You subconscious mind will still be picking up the information and you’ll get a great night’s sleep but you may want to try using them a little earlier next time. Do not use these while driving a car or using machinery.

Most habits take about 21 days of repetition to set in. The same is true for breaking habits as you are essentially creating a new one. This is often times called creating a “positive addiction”. For example, instead of eating junk food, you might find yourself doing ten sit ups or instead of reaching for a cigarette you suddenly find yourself making a healthy fruit smoothie.

As you use the techniques you are about to learn from these CD’s, you will learn to rewrite your inner dialogue at the sub-conscious level which will in turn dictate how you live your life on the conscious or “waking” day to day level.

The outer mind or waking level takes orders from the inner mind. For most people however, the inner mind or subconscious was never programmed by you but got it’s programming by randomly picking up habits over your lifetime from parents, friends and the group or society we were around.

By using these techniques, you are now taking control of your life and re-writing your life’s personal script of how you want to live you: Healthy, confident, positive and successful.

It is truly my joy to be able to share these techniques with you and I look forward to hearing of your success.




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