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Bobbi DePorter

Bobbi DePorter, teen and accelerated learning expert, has changed the lives of over five million kids through her SuperCamp and Quantum Learning school programs. SuperCamp is a learning and life skills summer program with more than 56,000 graduates in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. Quantu...

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Michelle Tennant


11/16/2010 05:06pm
Top 10 Ways to Prepare for a Test

Athletes are told to practice with purpose. Sounds logical, but it doesn’t always happen. A golfer can hit thousands of balls on a driving range, but if he or she doesn’t have a plan in mind for the practice time, all those swings aren’t helping all that much. It’s the same when a student is studying for and preparing to take a test. Here are SuperCamp’s top ten ways to prepare for a test:
1. Know you know. Use a calendar to mark days for tests or due dates of important papers. Studying ahead reduces stress and increases your ability to remember at test time. Be prepared. Practice. Simulate the exact conditions and tasks of the exam.
2. What’s it all about? Find out the format of the test. Is it multiple choice? Essay questions? Sentence completion? Short answer? True/False? Open book? If you’re not sure about something, then ask your teacher. Seriously. Ask for clarification or rephrasing of questions you don’t understand. This may help trigger information in your head.
3. Know your needs. Prepare everything you need for the exam the night before.
4. Eat it. Your breakfast, that is. Have a healthy, light breakfast that includes some protein like eggs, lean ham or yogurt and fruit. It’s great for your energy without making you sluggish.
5. It’s about comfort. Dress in layers. You never know what the test-room temperature will be. Be ready for anything.
6. Memorize important facts and formulas. Write them down in margins when you first get the test.
7. Write it down. Write down your reasoning, even if you don’t know the exact answer. Get partial credit where you can.
8. Picturing. If you can’t remember a fact, close your eyes and picture where it is in your notes or in your book.
9. Get psyched, stay psyched. Talk to yourself before and during the test. Say things like: “I know the material and will remember it easily.” Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way, you are right.” If you feel yourself getting tense, close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Imagine a relaxing scene.
10. Discover the Power of “This is it!”
“This is it!” means making the most of every moment. It also means giving the test 100 percent of your focus, while you’re taking it.

To summarize, successful test taking is about being prepared, confident and motivated. By implementing these 10 tips, you will see positive results in your upcoming tests.


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